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Full Version: USB-Serial Cable work in 7-N-1 but not 8-N-1?
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Weird issue here and I'm wondering if it's a cable issue.

I have a modem connected to my computer (running XP SP3). The driver appears to be fine. When connected to the modem in any baud 7-N-1, it works fine. When connected in 8-N-1 (which is what it's supposed to be used in), I can receive data from the modem, but the modem will not respond to commands.

The the port properties, I've tried a bunch of things, but right now its set to 9600-8-N-1 No flow control.

Could this be a driver or cable issue? I have no idea who made the cable, I found it in a box and I figure I'd give it a shot while we figure out what's wrong with my "normal" cable & driver (see other thread in this forum).


need to know what modem that is
please call up its device id string.

that one is coming back as a cypress cable and may be one of their lower speed models.

I can't pinpoint the model so take a look at the cable its self and see if anything is printed on it then take a look here at their download section to see if anything can help you.

might be worth having a quick look over this topic as well.
as it deals with that device id string as well.