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Full Version: Sony vaio video controller Vga compatible
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Hi there, having problems finding a driver so that the screen will enlarge to the full width, error in device manager. Please help!!! Model # PCG-K86P
model number of your sony please that can be found on a sticker on its base.

and what windows are you running.
PCG-K86P Windows XP Pro
right thats running the MOBILITY RADEON 9200 now its a oz model and for the love of god i cam't find the download section on the sony oz site.

now i am pretty sure the drivers i used on a advent laptop would work with that display as they are a open driver set which means they are not locked to sony only.
download the chipset / vga drivers i have here.

unpack them with wizip.
look in the folder you will see chipset and vga, open the vga folder and double click the setup icon.
still no joy, keeps on saying install standard vga driver
Yes - not much on the Sony.au site - does say this: Graphic Accelerator: Dual display compatible, 3D graphics acceleration compatible, ATI Technologies Inc. MOBILITY™ RADEON™ 9200. The chipset says ATI Technologies Inc. RADEON™ IGP345M/ALi M1535+. Discontinued laptop and discontinued video...

You might try this direct link to ATI - http://ati.amd.com/support/drivers/xp/ra...00-xp.html - but I'm guessing the driver won't work for the mobility version. You might also try a modified driver - the Omega - http://www.omegadrivers.net/ati_winxp.php
yes the Omega driver are your best bet now.