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Full Version: intel 82801 hem/hbm sata achi controller drivers
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intel 82801 hem/hbm sata achi controller drivers for ACER 6920 XPPRO
if i see one more mysql error come from my host tonight i will phone them up and give them a earful

bloody lonex can't host a tea party.

sorry quick rant.

i take it your doing a downgrade ?
that must be a new model as i can not find it listed in acer support pages yet.
if you are doing a downgrade have a read over this topic as its the same controller and same problem as yours.
Indeed new - looked even at Acer's ftp, and all drivers are dated 3/31/2008. Nothing listed for XP, but from the names of the Vista driver files, most, if not all drivers are available by finding them for other models.

Note the following list, Dave:

03/31/2008 10:41AM 41,388,815 Audio Codec_Realtek_ALC268_ALC885_ALC889_v6.0.1.5582_Vistax32x64_XPx32x64.zip
03/31/2008 10:37AM 60,705,798 Bluetooth_Foxconn_BT2.0_v6.0.1.5000_Vistax32x64.zip
03/31/2008 10:37AM 5,071,004 CIR_ITE_IT8512E_v5046_Vistax32x64.zip
03/31/2008 10:37AM 6,468,618 Camera Utility_Suyin_0.3M DV_v2.0.4_Vistax32x64_XPx32x64.zip
03/31/2008 10:37AM 3,006,777 CardReader_Silicon_JMB385_vR1.00.09.03_Vistax32x64_XPx32x64.zip
03/31/2008 10:38AM 109,202,372 FingerPrint Utility_ABIG Validity_v6.0.00.08_Vistax32x64_XPx32x64.zip
03/31/2008 10:38AM 2,071,638 Intel_PM965_GM965_8.3.0.1013_Vistax32x64.zip
03/31/2008 10:38AM 2,607,554 LAN_Atheros_AR8121_v1.0.0.26_v1.0.0.20_Vistax32x64_XPx32x64.zip
03/31/2008 10:38AM 2,913,884 LaunchManager_Dritek_Kilimanjaro_v2.0.00_Vistax32x64_XPx32x64.zip
03/31/2008 10:38AM 2,342,401 Modem_Foxconn_T60M955_v7.70.00.52_Vistax32.zip
03/31/2008 10:38AM 22,431,600 Robson_Intel_Robson_v1.5.0.1013_Vistax32x64.zip
03/31/2008 10:38AM 1,269,722 TV Tuner_AverMedia_A309_v1.0.x.40Direct_Vistax32x64.zip
03/31/2008 10:38AM 26,140,615 Touchpad_Synaptics_v10.2.4_Vistax32x64_XPx32x64.zip
05/23/2008 01:08PM 16,897,545 VGA Intel GM 965.zip
03/31/2008 10:38AM 80,609,022 VGA_ATI_M86_v8.451RC2_Vistax32x64.zip
03/31/2008 10:38AM 59,527,050 VGA_nVidia_8PGS_8ESE_v7.15.11.7451_Vistax32.zip
05/23/2008 01:09PM 74,564,072 VGA_nVidia_8PGS_8ESE_v7.15.11.7451_Vistax64.zip
03/31/2008 10:39AM 199,427,733 WLAN_Intel_3945ABG_4965AGN_v11.5.1.8_Vistax32x64_XPx32x64.zip

Newest release shows an updated driver for the Intel 965 and nVidia vids.