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windows installation - penkaye - 07-22-2008

here i am again asking for a help on behalf of my fellow filipino here in japan. he has a panasonic cf-b5 laptop. since this is a small laptop, there's no cd rom built-in but it has a external dvd/rom(usb). he tried to install windows xp but unfortunately he encountered a problem. the file asms is needed even the installation cd is properly inserted. moreover, on the lower part of that msgs... copy files from: globalroot\device\cdromo\i386 is listed. even we tried to use different location. nothing happens. and if you cancelled, fatal error occures.
it states that one of the components that windows nees to continue setup could not be intalled.

we tried to boot again from usb cd as indicated on bios selection. nothing happens. it continuously prompted to continue previous installation and same problem occurs.

is there any way to overcome the previous installation?

your usual help is always appreciated. :thankyou:

RE: windows installation - penkaye - 07-22-2008

i also tried new cd but still the same. it always prompt me to prev installation were it restart automatically.

RE: windows installation - penkaye - 07-23-2008

any help? Thinking

RE: windows installation - penkaye - 07-24-2008

sorry if there's a limit of posting a thread/problem. i just helping others too. i just represent on their behlaf. usually, we used pc for chatting our family instead of overseas call. since we can not understand japanese too..we prefer to install english os on japanese computers. if u noticed, all our computers is old. since i know a little in pc..they prefer me to negotiate on the forum.

anyway, thanks a lot on your previous help. i really appreciate it. i will figure it out on the other way since i noticed i was bypassed 2days consecutive with asterick on my title thread. i don't know the meaning but it's ok for us.

thank you.

RE: windows installation - pasound - 07-24-2008

Hello penkaye.
I don't know what an asterisk beside the thread means. There's no limit on questions - just limits on the time we have to read through new threads and find answers.

You are trying the correct steps to get that cd-less machine to boot from the Windows cd. In the bios you said it has a setting to boot from external or usb device. There should also be a "boot order" or "boot priority" setting to list the usb device first. Then it should prompt for "press any key to boot from cd".

RE: windows installation - penkaye - 07-24-2008

thank you pasound for your immediate and prompt reply. yes, i arranged the bios set up boot priority. i used usb cd rom 1st. and after restarting, i also pressed esc for boot priority and your right, press any keys..was pop out and i press one of the key but still keep on prompting on restarting previous installation which i think is corrupt. we have a new xp os but can't boot on usb cd due to previous installation who keep on prompting after starting the computer.

RE: windows installation - davey6 - 07-24-2008

sorry penkaye i really did not see this post.
my time online at the moment is very limited.
I am not in the best of shape and my mind is all over the place.

anyway , are you using a oem windows xp install disk ?
Ie one that came shipped with a new machine ?
sometimes ( emachines being one ) they are keyed to the machine they shipped with.

if its a shop bought disk , full version it should install, don't forget when xp gives you the option to format the hard drive to rid the system of all old setup/system files

RE: windows installation - biggles77 - 07-24-2008

And just my 5 centavos worth, if it is a laptop then you may have trouble with the Japanese keyboard working with languages other than English. I have got round this in the past by installing the Japanes O/S (no, I do not read Japanese, just install XP so many time I have a VLK memorised. Dave and Pat could also do this because we know the screens so well, eh guys) and then adding the language you require. If XP, Phillipine English. If Vista, Tagalog.

RE: windows installation - penkaye - 07-25-2008

thank you for your reply guys..dave, biggles and pasound. i just thought i was bypassed due to different problems i elevated on the site. no need to be sorry bcoz it was me who assumed i was irnored. i am very sorry for that. i just helping others too like you helping me.

anyway, you're right biggles...we're having problem on keyboard but it was not a big deal for us as long as we can use our pc's without any problem on installing windows, driver etc.

he bought a new window xp home on a store bcoz his laptop was bought as 2nd hand only and in japanese os.

i dont know exactly the meaning that i have had searched. kindly elaborate/explain it to me on other way i can understand and if it is correct.

here it goes..

The file 'Asms' on Windows XP Professional CD-ROM is needed. Type the path where the file is located, and then click OK.

Copy files from: GLOBALROOT\DEVICE\CDROM0\I386

Setup is having problems communicating with your CD-ROM>
To fix the problem:

01. When you receive the error, start a CMD session by pressing SHIFT+F10.

02. Type regedit.exe and press Enter.


04. On the File menu, press Load Hive.

05. Load %Windir%\System32\Config\System.sav.

06. Enter AAA when prompted for a name.

07. Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\AAA\ControlSetn\Contr... 4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}, where ControlSetn is the lowest control set.


09. Repeat step 07 and 08 for every control set.

10. Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and Unload Hive from the File menu.

11. Close the CMD prompt and allow setup to try to read the 'Asms' file.

i just want to know if i am currently on that window error message, then i should press shift F10?

hoping for your usual help. thank you.

RE: windows installation - davey6 - 07-25-2008

ok what thats telling you is at the point windows throws up that error to push shift and F10 together and delete the reg keys to the bad files then try and copy the files again.
if you follow what you found it should work as its deleting all the reg keys that point to the bad files, windows setup should copy them back over and continue its setup.

now i can see a problem here,
for two disk to stop at the same point something is wrong , this could be a bad sector on the hard drive or a faulty cdrom drive.
windows might well be trying to copy the files to a bad sector on the hard drive that can not longer hold on to its info.

before you carry on pulling your hair out remove the hard drive from the system and let us know what its make is.
i will see if i can find some dos test files to fully test the hard drive for you.

RE: windows installation - penkaye - 07-26-2008

ok..i will visit her tomorrow to check the make of hd. i will post it back as soon as i come back. thank you very much.

b4 i visit her, i remember what she told me regarding her laptop. she said that b4 she tried to re-install english os. she noticed that the hd is fat32 but she overwrite it with ntfs. is there any problem on what she had done? can you teach me on the difference between the two? Thinking

RE: windows installation - davey6 - 07-26-2008

windows 2k / xp / vista all use ntfs file extention.

ntfs is a longer file extention then the old fat32 you can have longer code lines and files.
this will help you under a little better.

RE: windows installation - penkaye - 07-29-2008

thank you for the site you gave. last sunday, i tried to visit her as soon as i got home but unfortunately she is no longer within the area. she moved to other place. however, she still calling me for a help and i told her if she can remove the cover to look for the make of the hd. she tried but no success bcoz she is afraid she might broke something. however, she told me that she tried to pressed the shift and f10 on error msg. after regedit...and load hive, nothing comes out. so she is asking where she can find the... Load %Windir%\System32\Config\System.sav ? since there's nothing comes out after loading hive. she is asking if she can remove all hkey..?

RE: windows installation - davey6 - 07-29-2008

no you can't remove all hkeys as windows would refuse to even go back in to setup mode.
you need to see that laptop again, this sounds like a hardware error, trying to pin it down is going to be trail and error.
it may be the cdrom misreading the install disk, a hard drive error where its not storing the data or even a memory error

in this case there is no quick fix to get windows to install.
however there is a trick that may or may not work.
if she or you have a copy of windows 98se or windows Me load that first,
then use the windows xp disk to upgrade from one version to another.
ok its not as good as doing a clean install but you may get a working laptop doing it that way.

one thing to note if you do try this no matter what older version of windows you try don't load up any drivers till teh upgrade is finished as that will stop xp getting its self confused.

RE: windows installation - penkaye - 07-29-2008

ok, thanks...i will find/look for windows 98se or Me and keep you posted as soon as i hv. again, thank you always for your help.

RE: windows installation - penkaye - 07-30-2008

ok...she hv windows 98 on floppy disk. she has a external multicard reader with fd. she was prompted to a dos prompt. i told to view it by typing dir...and she found instdos, disk1, kxla, kmata2a, file with directory dos, win98, win95, nt, ibmtp760 and f2h. i told her type dir win98 and prompted to setup.exe, kxl830 hlp and cnt. what shall we do to run the setup.exe?

RE: windows installation - davey6 - 07-31-2008

98 on floppy ? are you sure thats 98 on floppy?

please double check that.
sorry for the late reply but i am really not well at the moment and finding it hard to cope.

RE: windows installation - penkaye - 08-01-2008

hehehe! that's what she said. anyway, i'm still searching for a windows 98 and 2000 even japanese or english as long as i can use it to get rid of that previous installation of xp.

get well soon davey...dont worry, just take ur time. i will keep u inform as soon as i hv that os.


RE: windows installation - penkaye - 01-29-2009

hi dave...it's been a while since we hv conversation re this laptop. my friend went here and drop her laptop so that i can personally see the prob. with regards to previous prob...now it states ...windows could not start bcoz the following file is missing or corrupt. windows root.. system32hal.dll pls re-install a copy of the above file. pls take note that this is a small laptop w/out internal cd/dvd rom. now, the prob is that i can't boot it on external cd/dvd rom but..she also gave me the external multicard reader with floppy drive. where i noticed that this laptop prefers to boot on that external floppy drive. bcoz when i put a disk on it..it asking for a system disk. can u give a copy of any os that fits to this floppy disk? i think this is the best way to end this prob of my friend. lol! actually she has a new laptop but this pc she said has a sentimental value. i told her i will elevate it again to you davey. hoping for your usual help. thanks in advance.

RE: windows installation - davey6 - 01-29-2009

that file error will show if you have tryed to upgrade windows 98/ me to windows xp and the install screwed up.
the microsoft way to rid the system of it can be found here.