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system restore failure - penkaye - 10-23-2012

what is the best thing u should do once u hv that problem? for me is re-installation of os and as much as possible, reformat it. i tried to used different tricks like advanced method using installation cd and re-installation of os but it will ended up by re-formatting it and re-installation of os to avoid further error.

RE: system restore failure - davey6 - 10-23-2012

once you have complete system failure and all attempts to repair fail your really only left with just the one choice and that is a complete format of your hard drive and clean install of your o/s

A disk image of your working system can save you hours of installing everything again so the key word here is backup.

RE: system restore failure - penkaye - 10-23-2012

you're right davey! although we have to try saving the os for repairing..but most of my experiences, i just wasted my time. the best thing to do once u already have that problem is backup and complete format then clean installation of os.

RE: system restore failure - davey6 - 10-23-2012

trying to repair windows once its buggered is not that easy.

next time you get all you machine booted with all your software .e.t.c
do a disk image back up of everything, windows your programs e.t.c
that way if it screws up so bad you can just load a image and go back to square one.