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auto downloading - davey6 - 12-31-2015

Oh for god's sake what are you playing at Microsoft ?

I just came to my new station where I have brand new servers and new computers
took me a while to get them running the way I WANT for my business.
what do I find this morning ? windows 10 has auto downloaded to all of my windows 7 machines
and I am getting pestered with the upgrade options.

WTF are you playing at Microsoft ? I don't want your shitty new stick its nose into everything O/S
in my business, you can stuff it where the sun don't shine.
you have wasted gigabytes of space on my raid system with something I never asked for and I don't dam well want.
now I have to waste my time getting rid of your rubbish.

This shit has to stop it really does your well over stepping the mark these days and someone needs to drag your sorry
greedy nosy arse in to court and give you a dam good spanking.

as you can tell Davey is not a happy bunny this morning

rant over

for those faced with this bull remove the following KB numbers from windows 7 installed updates and then tell windows update not to install
them again.
funny how all these got installed when I have auto update disabled in windows 7, so the question remains how did they get in my machines to start with ?

KB2952664, KB3021917, KB3035583