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Windows 10.... AGAIN - ste!! - 09-19-2016


I feel like doing this right now!

I have formatted my pc and installed Windows 10 Pro again. I thought things would be better on a fresh install rather than using the pre windows7 then windows 8 that it had upgraded its self from.

Now the damn thing keeps on crashing to a blank screen after so long. I thought it was when the screen saver was kicking in but it's not.

How can I find the reason for the crash?

I have looked in event viewer but it has all sorts in and not 100% sure what I should be looking for?


RE: Windows 10.... AGAIN - davey6 - 09-20-2016

ste well know problems with windows 10 mate.
its your gfx driver Microsoft like to load their own by windows update and its a known problem that the so called driver updates can cause massive problems with some system.

to stop auto updates

right click start button, select control panel , System , advanced system settings , hardware,
device installation settings ,
Select "No let me choose what to do " , Select "Never install driver software from windows update"
now save changes and exit.

gone are the simple days of being able to hide a update and its just a load of Microsoft boll ocks from my point of view.

once you have done the above go and find a update for your GFX card.
if that don't sort the problem then the next step is your main chipset drivers again look for any possible updates
but be warned even a year later windows 10 drivers are thin on the ground.

I don't care how much they pester me or how much they offer me I won't ever run that pile of crap O/S

RE: Windows 10.... AGAIN - ste!! - 09-24-2016

Nice one dave that got it :P