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HP Pavilion DV1000 wireless problems
THEN install the "intel proset for intel prowireless drivers" found in the same hp page under "software solutions". Dont confuse this with the wireless drivers themselves, this one says PROSET the other one doesn't and the other one is in the other category for "driver - network". Install the proset.

THEN go to the "driver network" subcategory and download the very first one, intel prowireless drivers and install it.

Realize that itll install, flash up a black DOS screen and dissappear. its supposed to that doesnt mean its broke hah. RESTART and you should be golden, make sure you push the wirless button if its ot already on.

If this doesnt work, then either you didnt follow my steps with attention to detail, or you have to install the broadcom driver last instead of the intel prowireless.

I just did this after a year of windows being reinstalled and the wireless not working. This. Works. Forget all the other threads that dont go into enough detail.

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HP Pavilion DV1000 wireless problems - by vypergt - 12-06-2009, 04:21 PM
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