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Windows XP Help
not a problem its really not when ever you have time.
Hey Davey,

Thought I would touch base with you. It's been on hell of a week. Mama is out of the hospital now, we are just doing a few things around the house to help her get it all cleaned up. Plus we gotta get packing UGH I hate to pack. I hope your doing ok. Hope to catch ya online sometime. Talk to you soon.
hum i know someone else that hates packing, me lol lol
i have far too much computer stuff to pack up and i don't trust anyone else but myself to move it.

i know how i built these machines where it all goes and what machine is wired to what machine and so on.
its done davey way, would like to see someone in this room trying to work out what i have done lol lol


*LOL* I hear that. I am very anal how things are packed. I have to have them a certain way or I will lose everything. I really don't look forward to packing. My girlfriend has been in this house for almost 20 yrs. So needless to say there is a lot of junk in here. Mostly will probably either go in the landfill or in the yard sale. We are just gonna keep what we need at Mama's. So I hope there isn't much we gotta pack after that. Not to mention I have to think about when I am gonna go see my Daddy. He decided to stop the chemo since his tumor is still growing. UGH!!!! I really hate the thought of losing my daddy!

Anyway, hope to catch you online soon so we can play catch up! Talk soon my friend.
oh i have alot junk laying about, all computer junk in boxes everywhere for that just in case i need it which i never do so the heap just gets bigger and bigger, lol lol

think you need to go see your dad he has his reasons for stopping any treatment, take it from someone like myself, you get fed up with people pulling you about and take this and take that.
i can up to a point understand the way he feels, best to sit and just let him tell you his reasons and go from there.
Oh I plan on seeing my daddy, I just don't know when yet. He said he wanted to wait til my ex step-mother got back from the mountains on the 21tst of this month. She is the one paying for the plane tickets. So he would rather wait til she gets back, but he said if he needed me sooner he would let me know.

I can totally understand why he stopped his chemo, and I won't hold it against him. I would rather spend the time with loved ones that hovering over a toilet and sleeping all the time because I don't feel good, or too weak to do anything. So It's just a matter of time now, and he only wants me there for 2 wks, but I will see how he's doing and what's going on then I will know if I need to stay longer. I will be there when this is all over. There isn't no shutting me out on this one. NOT this time anyway. So how are things with you? Sorry I haven't been here to talk too. I promise once things settle down, I will be on here more to chit chat!
thats not a problem its clear you have things to sort out, and they really do need to come before any internet site.

I am ok, well ok for me lol lol lol not smashed anything up of late, got to go and sort out a server today,
i set it up years ago and its gone belly up on the guys so its best i look at it before they send for someone else.
I am 99% sure its just full of dust and over heating going by what they are telling me.
it will run for about 20 mins but if they put it under load it just shuts off, thats a classic sign its over heating.

jump in my vitara and drive like a bat out of hell as i tend to do lol lol lol lol
poor car don't know how it copes me with me flooring it up and down some of these hill's
dam thing never breaks down no matter how hard i drive it.
LOL! Now that's too funny my friend. I hope you were able to get everything taken care of. Yeah it sounds like it's an overheating issue. But then again what do I know about computers other than threatening it with a baseball bat :).

Well let's hope that you don't have to smash anything else for a long while. I am sure your hands and body need the rest. LOL.

Things have calmed down some for the most part. We are still working on getting my girlfriends Mamas house all cleaned up and ready for us to move in there. UGH I am sooooooooooooo not looking forward to this at all. I love having my own privacy and my own house, but this shitty economy didn't help matters in that sense. Plus it's better than someone be there with Mama. She's gettin' to where she's forgetting things and can't really do much on her own anymore. So I guess I should look at it in a positive light, but it's kinda hard when you know the situation you are getting ready to go into.

Anyway, hope to catch you online. :) Hugs and Love Your Way My Friend!
oh i know all about forgetting things lol , my short term memory is well f**ked has been for years.
i go walking off with the intention of doing something when i get there i have to stop and think now why am i here, opps.
times i have walked out the door without my car and door keys.

yeah that server was over heating, i could not even see the heatsink and the fan was no longer spinning it was that blocked up.
just replaced the heatsink and fan, can't be bothered trying to get all that dust out.
clean the inside of the case as well.
that should sort them out for a few more years.

thats why i like intel chips so much, over heat shut down and they will do it time and time again.
AMD will now do that but not so many times before they pop and no longer start.

when it comes to heat protect intel have the best system.

just started pouring down, wonderful i love the rain so i am going to sit right by the back door and watch it.

Hey Davey! Boy things have been hectic. We have been at my girlfriends Mamas getting everything ready to get ourselves moved in this weekend. I will be heading back home to Idaho to see my family. My daddy isn't doing very good. So I am going to go out there for a cpl wks and then I might have to stay longer just depending on what's going on about the time that I need to come back to South Carolina. Hope things are going well with you and hope to hear from you soon.
things are ok with me, more then can be said for the site. grrr
wish i never updated the forum software at times, keep runnng in to bugs that i have to sort out.
you may have noticed the forum was closed most of yesterday, that was me trying to track down yet another
bug in the software.

for some reason i am in one of my loud music moods lol lol
i am going to rattle this place silly soon,
80's music here we come lol lol, throw in some trace dance stuff and you might just hear it all the way in the usa.
my stereo system is dam old but ultra loud and the bass, oh yeah dam its still a good old system.
going to give away some of my age now, but i bought that system when i was 16 and after 27 years its still going strong.
Hey My Friend! So what's going on with the site. I did notice that it was down yesterday. I was gonna post on here to let you know what was going on, but it was down so I had to wait a little bit til you opened it back up again.

Nah your not showing your age, just proud of what ya got :) So we are almost ready to move in with Mama this weekend. Just a few more things and we are good to go.

Got a question for ya. We have a Linksys router. My girlfriends Mama has a wireless router/modem for her internet. Now can we plug our router to our computers and get internet access? or would we have to get cards to pick up her router? I know that's a really dumb question, but I thought I would ask because my girlfriend thinks we can. Anyway...don't laugh too hard.
hum realy depends on your model number of that linksys and what your mother in law has.
if they are both wifi enabled you can use your own one as a repeater and connect to it as normal.

however it depends on how much you understand networking as well as setting it up can be a piggy.
how do you connect to your own router now ? big lan cable from router to your machine ?

if thats the case you should be able to miss out your router and plug direct in to the back of your mother inlaws and away you
go with the net,
if the machines are going to be all over the house and away from the router you can go the wifi card road.
but to fit that you will need to crack that machine open and fit it to a pci slot, dead easy and i can tell you how.
but if you don't want all that trouble you can get a use wifi doogle and just use that,
it really depends on how far away from the router your machine will be.

don't worry i don't laugh at any questions anymore, when you have been on the net as long as i have you kind of come across
just about everything.

i shut the site down yesterday so i could back up everything before i went bug hunting.
the problem is just before you joined the site i done a massive update to the forum software,
there are times at the moment i wish i did not do it.
the only reason why i did was because the site got hacked and that made me mad as hell.
Hey Davey! I know it's been a while since you last heard from me. I do apologize for that. We have been so busy getting all packed up and moved in with Mama. Then we couldn't get on the internet, so had to wait til payday to get a wireless card. Well anyway as you can see I'm finally back online. I won't be online from Oct 8th - Oct 30th. I will be flying back home to see my daddy. He's dying of cancer and I would like to see him before things get ugly. I can't promise I will be home on the 30th due to the situation with my daddy. I will keep in touch and let you know when I'm back home to South Carolina and then I will fill you in with everything.
remember you need to be strong for your dad
don't show up a weeping mess as he will not thank you for that.
show your support and that will please him more.

Hey Davey! It's been a long while since I last stopped in. Thought I would touch base with you and let you know what's been going on. Well I got here on Oct 8th and within 4 days I was sick with the flu, then 1 wk after being here I got bronchitits/pnemonia so I couldn't spend all that much time with my daddy. It was a mess I tell ya what.

Daddy is doing ok. He's going down hill quick. He's gettin' to where he's talkin' about things that he use to do. Like work on a car with his buddies, and he's also startin' to talk to his parents that passed away in 96 and 99. It really as been hard seein' him like this. I know that once this is all said and done that he will finally be pain and cancer free and he won't suffer anymore.

Hope to hear from you soon my friend and sorry it took me so long to give you an update.
I hope they caught that pnemonia early, the base of my left lung is buggered thanks to that.
mind you my smoking does not help matters what so ever.

been told to stop smoking i did try failed tryed again failed and back to smoking again now.
its my worst habbit i admit that.

my grandfather started to do the same thing just before he passed away he was talking to his parents and his brother that had been dead for many years,
he use to talk like they were sitting right next to him, strange but how do we really know that they can't see these people ?
if it gives him comfort and his not upset by it i would just let him rabbit away thats what i use to do.

over the last ten years i have lost all my close family expect my mother ( bless her ) and my sister.
i have a brother as well but to be honest we never got on and i have not seen him for over twenty years.
i have no idea where he is or what his doing and that suits me just fine as he is whats known as a complete ass.
even my mother does not know where he is not that she would ever admit that.
its a horrible fact of life that sooner or later we have to part with our parents.

Good Morning My Friend.

It was one rough night last night with my daddy. Boy oh boy I don't wish this on anyone, not even my worst enemy.

I hadn't seen my family in almost 10 yrs up til about 2 yrs ago when I found out that my Mama had cancer. We lost her in March of this year, and then in April found out about my daddy's cancer. It's been one hell of a year. I'm just really glad that I was able to be here and see him and be here for him. It will be one regret I won't have.

I have a HUGE favor to ask you if you wouldn't mind. My step-moms computer is all outta wack. I can't get an antivirus on it and I can't even pull up the task manager. I'm havin' a hell of time trying to get anything done on here. If I install Live Messenger, would you be willin' to get on here and take control (if we can) and see what you can do to help me? I'm at a loss with this thing and she needs it for her cleaning business she owns. Let me know whatcha think. Thanks again Davey.

Your Friend,
need to know what windows you are running ?

if possible run a maleware program such as this on it as more problems are caused by spyware these days then virus.


and see if you can get this to load up on that pc as well and let it scan

those two should sort 90% of the problems i would think.
It's Windows XP. She bought it used from someone and doesn't have any of the discs or anything so I am kinda at my wits ends with this one.

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