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phenom 2 X6 1100T...
davey, here's the model of samsung.. S23B300 i checked the Philippine site of samsung but they have no model for that. although some of pc shops were selling this item. which i believe their stocks is coming outside the country.

i will also include some the other 2 brands which is popular nowadays in internet cafe... Viewsonic and AOC.



i don't know if you will agree with me, but the reason i choose or i trimmed it to 2 because, both of them had this IPS. which i think is new feature on a LED monitor. anyways, you and biggles are there to choose. its your expertise to choose which is better. thank you.
The Viewsonic has a THREE year warranty, didn't see what the other one was. In OZ they used to have a good reputation for warranty work but they got into financial trouble and it went bad. I don't know what they are like now as I haven't delt with them for yonks.

As I have previously, I mostly take the device that gives me the longest warranty. It often means they have a product that will last the distance. If it was a crap product, then the warranty would be of a lesser length.[/align]
the asus is still the best of the bunch spec wise.

I don't know that AOC company, in fact never heard of them unless they rebrand their stuff for sale's over seas
google places it as a singapore company.

viewsonic i know they have been around for years but did have alot of trouble in the uk over product recalls due to poor psu in the early lcd models they done.
i would not class viewsonic as a big player in the market but what i have seen of their stuff its pretty standard.

again thats another brand that is not sold out here.

so far the asus is the best both make and spec wise.
Swell Dave Wrote:so far the asus is the best both make and spec wise.
And don't forget it also has a THREE year warranty.
copy that! i'll go for asus. thanks a lot davey and biggles!
there is also one other thing about asus.
gigabyte now own and over see the production line at asus.
one company i have always liked for their motherboards is gigabyte.
i won't have anything else in my home pc's

bad bios aside they still make the best boards around.
the asus boards are now alot better since gigabyte took over, its just their choice of bios provider
that puts me off.
for me award always had the best bios layout with the best choice of options, but in todays market with its 3D bios interface that seems less important.
yeah,, i heard that merging last year or two years ago when i am still in Japan.

I like Gigabyte as motherboard bcoz they are the 1st motherboard that offers japanese solid capacitor and has 2x copper pcb with dual bios.

by the way dave, i read some articles stating that IPS monitor is not good for games. although, this Asus LED IPS monitor has a video selector were you can choose game and movie mode. kindly give me idea on this IPS feature?
IPS means in plane switching.
it was brought in to improve the gray to gray switching times as the first lcd monitors use to drag like hell when watching a film or playing a game.
the lcd panel just could not keep up with the frame rate.

that asus screen is a 2ms switch over that matches my own monitor and its not going to cause you any sort of problems with games or films.
the standard on cheaper modles is 5ms.
anything slower then that can cause problems.

I have a feeling that asus monitor might even be a rebranded samsung screen as the specs are almost the same as my own samsung.
as far as i know asus don't make panels themself's.
the video selector again i have on my own samsung but its called magic colour.
all it is really is a pre set control over the colour and brightenss e.t.c

some info on a ips panel thats worth a read
thanks davey! i will keep it in mind.

i already placed my order and will expecting my item within this week. thank you very much!
its never worth buying a cheap motherboard they don't last as long.
i think you have done the right thing, order the best one that matches your hardware as least that way you get the best out of everything.
throw in the new monitor as well and i think you will be happy.

the first thing you will do when that monitor shows up is turn down the backlights and the brightness as your just not use to the new backlights and brightness of the LED screens.
i never run my screens on max backlights to me they are too bright.
hi davey! the store is inviting me to visit the shop bcoz of their variety of monitor on sale. they also offered me this BenQ RL2450H model which is their top seller. Although i am not in a hurry.. i will visit their store to see what's the features of this monitor. they said it is 24 inches and built for heavy gamers although, it is not ips.

btw, since i was locked up on buying the asus... i just want to clarify some things like power consumption etc particularly on those LG and Asus. I saw the back of the LG and i noticed that their power cable is different from Asus. LG uses adaptor while Asus uses power cord directly. That's is why i am concerned. Concerned because overheating is my main concern. my Hyundai is perfectly working until it overheated and ends up in discoloration with static horizontal line and should lower its resolution to be able for us to use it. i remember the technician that i called up, they said, even the monitor has the auto voltage regulator, it is better to use the 100 or the 110v and use the avr to regulate the power to avoid overheat. in that case, that is why i am curious about LG. they use adaptor, in short, from 220v down to their adaptor and from the adaptor, it will transmit or regulate the voltage to 12v. am i right?
hum yes and no, you have alot of questions in there so i will try and address them all.

first off stay away from benq
benq is now owned by acer, acer is owned by someone the name is escaping me right now.

second it does not matter if the psu is built the monitor or not in fact if it is built in it won't get as hot as being covered in a tight plastic box like a adaptor is.
12volt is a common norm however with the newer screens taking less and less power i have seen a few only needing 9volt.
again LED does use alot less power then the old CCFL.
less power, less heat.

I think its a chip breaking down in that Hyundai monitor.
you may have just been unlucky and got a bad chip that broke down over time.
the chips normally go now before dead pixels show up.
it use to be the other way round but they have improved the panels alot now, but IC tech has not really moved forward that much only CPU's but run of the mill chips used in everyday things such as radio's and tv have not really gained anything in the last 10 years

over time any ic will break down and when they do start to break down they heat up
ok...thats makes me understand that.

the reason i ask that bcoz my old LG 17" monitor has the same power adaptor.. we never encounter a problem on overheating. until i sold it and replaced it by this hyundai 24". unfortunately, we hv that overheat problem which on my opinion, maybe due to built-in psu unlike LG uses separate adaptor as their main psu. in japan, i never had that problem even i used it 24 hrs a day, here in philippines, its different..its like hell in heat! lol :)
wel it can't be as bad as my station.
its a tin hut no othe way to put it with the outside temp reaching above 40 oC
you can imagine just what its like inside that building.
none of the monitors ever get shut down and they do not cause a problem.,
on the other hand my over heating servers are a massive pain the butt.
yeah.. that's really pain in the a**!
imagine, how i feel on my monitor only, how much more on servers.. ^_^

btw, just called up the dyna quest pc store to advise them that i will go to their store later.. so upset! now i know why they are pushing me to benq. they don't have stock on both asus and lg. they said, even the supplier don't have stock to date.

my goodness! my wrinkles! my wrinkles!
btw, they also offered me Samsung LS23B300BS/XP with 1 year factory warranty only.
dyna quest called up again and they said, for asus, they will have the stocks in 2nd - 3rd of december, and for lg, they will have the stocks on monday. they also quoted me that the shop offers 1 yr parts and service warranty on both asus and lg. but i insist that if they will check the site, they have 3 yrs and 2 yrs warranty respectively. they said, they will double check the supplier for the warranty.
hum it works a bit like that out here as well.
for the 1st year you can take it back to the shop where you bought it and its up to them to contact the supplier but after the 1st year you have to contact asus or LG yourself.
just remember when you get that monitor to fill in or go online and fill in the warranty to get the extra years.

hold out for the asus its worth the little extra wait
ok davey..i will follow your advise. i will wait for the asus... copy that! thanks!
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you will still have your normal username and password but you won't be classed as a member any more you will be a mod.

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