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New system
yes if you have a GFX card that fits then I would say fit it as that free's off the system memory
and that will stop another bottle neck between the onboard GFX and windows

in cpuz click the spd tab and take a snap shot of your screen and then post it I will be able to tell you what that memory is then.

do the same thing ste but click the
SPD tab
that should give me a break down of the memory.
the cl speed of that memory is not bad really but I would like to find its pc number
and the spd tab should tell me that.
you can also try running this benchmark http://www.userbenchmark.com
post a link to its out come page and I will take a look at the outcome and see if I can spot your bottle neck

Willl run the other test tomorrow when I get to work
ok that's fine that memory max speed is 1333.
if you go for the i5 then new memory with a min 1600 speed will be needed but a word of warning
the haswell core is very very fussy on its memory support.
when I first got my i5 I set it up with my ocz 1600 ddr3 it kept crashing and freezing
the problem was the memory I had to replace it with G.skill ripjaws
the system then became stable.
nothing wrong with the OCZ memory as I installed it in a older system it was simply down to the fact
the haswell i5 did not like it.

but you could if you want to keep that memory in a new system till you have the funds to replace it.

run that benchmark ste, see if it can pin down that bottle neck in your system.

a dual core will still serve you well if your not a gamer so if we can pin down the problem you might be able
to correct it and save a heap of money on building a new system.

I don't use that word " WORK " anymore lol, when you reach my age each day becomes pretty much the same, you get up you do a load of things you really don't want to do and then you go back to bed again.
I have got pretty good at sleeping these days, maybe a little too good as I have a rest at around 1pm for two hrs before I carry on and then I go to bed for much of the night like everyone else does.
I do still get the Ahole in me from time to time and won't sleep for a few days but that tends to happen when I am worried over something.

Good little bit of software that
A WD blue drive !
the slowest of all the WD range expect maybe the WD green some of them are also dam slow.
a good SSD in your system would work wonders ste you would see a massive improvement in speed

Sound good?
that sandisk is a little slow the ultra plus is the much better one.

these are well worth a look as I have fitted a lot of these out here and so far none
have come back and they are faster then the sandisk.

worth the few extra pound is this one.
Ok picked one of them up will get it in on Tuesday. Best to install windows and Photoshop on that drive and leave all files on the other?
yup best to keep the ssd for windows all your saving e.t.c to the old drive
remember never defrag a ssd they don't need it.

little tip for you,
once you have installed windows + its updates and your programs leave the pc on for 48hrs.
that will give the trim in the ssd a chance to work and the drive will sort its files out.

keep in mind that if a ssd goes bad you won't be able to call back any data because if they screw up
they tend to do it in a big way so that's why its best to limit them as the boot drive only.

Updated test.

I have an issue, I made a fresh install, Again bloody windows update tried installing gfx drivers so i reverted back to my previus post and followed the steps for disabling auto hardware updates but the file is already downloaded and still says ready to install.

I have deleted all files in softwaredistribution folder but still it sits there. How can i remove it?
Just noticed that the MB isn't fully unlocking the ssd potential. Is there a direct swap that will allow sata III?
that motherboard does not support sata 3 it is at best 3GBS which is sata 2 or 2.5
I would think being the H chipset it would be 2.5 as even my old x48 has that.

you won't match the speed of sata 3 however you can get the best possible speed out of that sata 2 by setting it to use AHCI mode and not ide.
if you have it set to IDE it will be slower.

regardless of the sata port speed the SSD will be up to 5 faster then the old spinning disk.
I have stuck a SSD in a old p2 system and it even speeded that up.
and yes I even have a ssd in my old amiga and by Christ does that thing work well in that old girl

if you want to change the motherboard and keep your current cpu, and other hardware look for a second
hand z77 motherboard.
they will have sata 3 support.
or get a pcie plug in card that does support sata 3 but with that said I have never managed to get sata 3 speed out of a
plug in card, I have tested a few and none of them gave what I expected.

The H61 chipset is a cut down version of the z77 and I don't fully understand why intel even came out with it
they still do it today as well they bring out the top of the range and then bring out a cut down version which is cheaper.

I keep looking at my i5 system and thinking I should update it and then I think why should I.
its not that old being the Z97 chipset, it goes like a bat out of hell and I even managed to get windows xp fully loaded on
to it despite intel and Microsoft both saying its not supported on that chipset.

^What about this will the memory be a direct swap also?
your cpu would not fit that board.
you have to look for a socket 1155 motherboard
that one at maplins is 1150
I have just purchased this board

MSI Z77 MPOWER LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard

Looks a pretty decent one, Will get everything togther and then start upgrading other bits when i get the funds

New results.. gfx card next i think :)
much better score on the hard drive and memory.
just goes to show what a better motherboard can do.
Hey Dave!!

Looking for a new cpu for this system, Do you think the I5 is going to be best?

I've just bought 2 sticks of 1600 speed ddr3 to cope with the cpu upgrade.

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