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Never thought I'd need some help finding a driver, theres a laptop that had the OS wiped and now it needs the wifi driver. Its a really cheap laptop. epik ELL1401-BK is what it is. It didn't come with any disc unfortunately. I went to their site and couldn't find any drivers
ok first off I need to know what version windows its running and second I need that wifi cards ID string to pinpoint it.

how to find the id string is like this
go in to device manager.
double click the unknown device/ wifi device what ever its listed as or right click on it and select properties, click details tab
use the pull down menu select device id instance
Its running Windows 10 Home and there are several listed under network adapters. They're all named WAN Miniport. WAN Miniport(IKEv2), WAN Miniport(IP), WAN Miniport(IPv6), WAN Miniport(L2TP), WAN Miniport(Network Monitor), WAN Miniport(PPPOE), WAN Miniport(PPTP), WAN Miniport(SSTP) are listed under network. As for the unknown devices listed, Multimedia Controller, PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller and the rest are labeled as unknown.
yeah that list is all to do with the unknown wifi card.

its one of those jap cheap jobs and its not listing its specs even on their site just states
built in wifi, fat lot of good that is going to do us.

go to any of the unknown in your above list and call up its device id string
all of them will come back with more or less the same information on the details tab as they are all part of
the same card.

I really do need that id string from device manager in order to pin this little sod down.

or you could try and cheat.
if you download the free trail of driver max and scan the laptop it may well pick up
on the id string I am after and tell you its fond a driver for the missing wifi card
but be warned as with all those so call auto update programs they can only go by whats in their data
base they can cause more trouble if you not careful.
but as you looking for the name or the wifi card I can't see any harm in giving it a shot.
It may sound strange, but this old thread helped me to solve my own problem. Now I have one problem less. Thanks both to OP and davey6. On the other hand, I wish I could stop looking for help on the internet and start to deal with this kind of problems on my own.

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