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Icatch 6 led drivers
Hi there,

I am running Windows Vista and have just purchased a Icatch 6 led web camera. I wish to use it with Skype to talk to family and friends but I can't get it to work. I have downloaded the drivers for it and all the lights come on but all I get is a little black box. Is there anything else that I am supposed to download.

Thank you for your help.

when you purchased this cam did the seller state that it worked with vista ?
most of these icatch cams don't.

now with that said it may just be the chipset driver you using.
what was the driver that cam with the disk ?

if its the zs211 that does have problems with vista.

could you please post back with what bersion of vista your using 32bit or 64bit.
what driver was on that disk and what drivers you did try from my site.
hi davey6,

My dad actually purchased this for my birthday and there was no instructions. I tried loading the driver that came with the disc but I couldn't get anything at all. The lights wouldn't even come on. The driver that I tried to download off your site was the zs211 but as you have stated it obviously has problems with Vista.
Could you please tell me where I can find the information about whether my vista is 32 bit or 64 bit.
Thank you for your help.


the lights are not controlled by the driver it just depends on how dark your room is at the time as they have a built in light sensor.

i think the zs211 is the wrong driver.

please go in to add remove programs or programs as its now called under vista and remove that driver.
try loading the one on the disk this way.

put the little disk that came in with the cam in to your cdrom drive.
cancel the setup program.

now click start , computer.
right click on you cdrom drive and select explore.
when your looking at the driver folder on that disk right click on it and select copy.
close all windows
now go back to your desk top and right click the mouse once more.
now click paste.

that will copy the cdrom contents over to your desktop.

now just plug the cam in and wait for the new hardware wizard to start up.
when it does that and wants to auto search click or select. i will choose what driver to install.
follow what the screen tells you till you reach the part where it wants the driver files.
now click browse and browse to the folder you just made on your desktop
click next and let vista do the work for you.
if the correct driver is there vista should find it and load it.

to find out what windows your running and its a long time since i have started vista so this is coming from memory
click start , control panel , system icon
it should list it there.

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