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Audio Jack to usb Adapter?
ok so i have no idea where to ask this so im going to start here. I got a new audio receiver for my car... Pioneer. It has a USB input for ipods.. well now im interested in plugging in an off brand mp3 player that only has the audio jack... sooo.. Is there a converter that would go audio jack to usb??

i would want something that would have male end audio jack to male end usb..
you mean one of these ?

if that don't show up, go to ebay search

usb to 3.5mm Adapter

becareful you don't pick up the one that charges a ipod you want a normal version
for some reason i cant visit that site... its uk ebay maybe thats why??

hhmm this is like what i kinda need...

the thing is r these backwards compatible?? because i will need to get a double ended male audio jack to plug in.. then i could plug the mp3 player into that.. then the other male end into that adapter(the link i sent you).. then the usb male end from the adapter to the cars usb. but i know thats how i would like it to work.. even though it might not haha
[Image: 218EYo10gYL_SL500_AA280_.jpg]

would something like that work?? it just seems all these say usb to audio jack.. which makes me wonder can i be flipping them around and having them work?? ahh...

nothing says it can send info from 3.5 mm back to usb....
that should work but if you get one of those you will need male to male 3.5mm jacks

one to fit in your player and one to fit that adapter
they do those on ebay as well

so look for 3.5mm to 3.5mm lead

the problem is your trying something i have not seen before.
the adapter as long as its wired the correct way for the sub out, to input on your player you should be able to play what you like.

ypur link is for a mini sound card so thats not going to work in car music system
ok so that picture is labeled on amazon as HTC Cavalier Stereo Audio Converter (11pins to 3.5mm Stereo Head Jack Converter) (Straight Connector)
is that what i want in my case here?

are most audio devices (ipods other mp3 players etc) the 3.5 mm audio output?

my next problem is the female end usb port that goes to the stereo is a standard usb plug..
I cant tell what type of usb the above picture is?? I think its usb Mini B.. im not sure about that could you verify please.

i want to have a normal usb male end to usb (well call it mini b) female end to finish the adapters...

***I found this adapter**** assuming that its usb mini b it looks like this is all i will need. along with the 3.5mm male to male cable which i already have.
the amazon is not the correct one, you want standard usb to 3.5mm

yes most headphone jacks used on ipods, mp3 players , cdrom players are now 3.5mm
I think i just swore haha.. How does this cable look?? i think i finally found it

2in1 USB Cable For Apple iPod Shuffle 1st and 2nd Generation Sync + Charging Feature

[Image: yhst-5646597806759_2008_26235223.jpg]

* 3.5mm to USB Cable features 2-In-1 Sync & Charging
* Connect to your PC/Laptop by USB port or car or wall charger adapters to charge and sync your iPod Shuffle II MP3 Player
* Update music / data & more to your iPod through this data cable.
* Compatibility: Apple iPod Shuffle I II First and Second Generation MP3 Player

what do you think? will this transfer audio??

heres another?

and another

Thanks Seth
your not going to like me now ...
those won't work with a normal mp3 player. will work with a ipod but not a standard mp3 player as the use a three pin out on the 3.5mm jack which is left , right , common.

if you plug something like that in and it powers the headphone out of a normal player it will surge the preamp and blow the player up for you.
i think its best to take a quick walk to your local pc shop show them the player and tell them what you want to do.
but with that said most new car players with a usb plug like that will not play off a usb memory pen if you have one of those you can shove all your tracks on that and just plug it in.

I admit i am not a fan of ipods or mp3 as a whole, my hearing is so good that i can tell mp3 compression to normal play
about the only part of me that still works the way it should is my hearing.
i use mini disk in my cars , less bulky then a cdrom and just as good , and they don't jump or get stuck.
If you are in the US, You may want to make a trip to the nearest Radio Shack. I've found it to be the best place to find these kinda cables.

ahha. i knew it was to good to be true :P

ok i think my best bet is what you said.. do you think this is even possible?
it should be possible.
as long as the preout of the mp3 player is wired to the amp in on the usb it should work.

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