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xp end of life information
just reading this on my weekly tech update from microsoft.

This is a significant week for Windows XP, as it's official 'end of sales' date was Monday. The feature article in this issue gives you more information about what this means for availability and support. "

" What will happen to Windows XP after 30 June?
Microsoft will stop distributing Windows XP as a stand-alone product that you can buy shrink-wrapped in the store and also to major PC manufacturers to sell on their PCs. That said, Windows XP isn't going to disappear overnight. You may still see copies of the software - or computers pre-loaded with it - for months, as stores and PC makers work through their inventory. Also, smaller local PC makers - known in the industry as 'system builders' - can continue to sell PCs with Windows XP until January 2009.

What will happen after 30 June if I have technical problems?
Although Windows XP will disappear from stores, we'll continue to offer Extended Support for the operating system for six more years, until April 2014. Your PC maker can also provide technical support for your PC. For more details, see the Microsoft Support Lifecycle. "
Interestingly, brand new OEM XP Pro and Home SP3 cd's are available at NewEgg. Tiger Direct and Amazon still have SP2 OEM's. The fact that a Microsoft XP SP3 cd exists at all makes me think the OEM will be around a lot longer than next January...
Not to worry davesdrivers will support xp alot longer then that.

thats as long as i am still kicking and not run over by a 7.5ton truck.

what are the chances of that happening Slap

Xp has been todate the best o/s made by microsoft, people kicked up a stink when they wanted to pull support for 98se and they were forced to continue for months the same may well happen with XP

Vista Is not selling as well as microsoft had wished and people are going back to XP.
microsoft can blow a fanfare out their ahole about vista if they wish you only have to read the amount of downgrades on just this site to see people don't like vista.
lets just hope vista's replacemnet is better then vista
Amen to that. So should we point people to the mail-order places for new copies? Most can't find the mom'n'pop stores that can still sell XP OEM's, and the Office Max's, Best Buy's, Fry's, Circuit City's and such won't have retails on the shelves much longer.
I think when main stream sellers stop selling xp we can put up a list of shops that still have a copy to buy.

funny thing is you will get xp on ebay for years, you can still get windows 3.1 if you so wish on ebay.
thats one good thing about the net , if you want something and are willing to spend a few hours searching you will find it.
Here's a page from Dell's business website which mentions that they will be (are now) selling "pre-downgraded" Vista machines with XP Pro, and supply both XP and Vista disks.

A major change to the "official" Microsoft Vista upgrade program for major builders and their resellers/direct customers, which delivers the machines with Vista installed, and then offers to change to XP.
yeah dell has been pretty good at the downgrade support, one of very few people that will help the end user.
hp , tosh could both learn a lesson here.

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