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Nvidia Chipset
Well, my first mistake: Buying a laptop (HP paviliion dv 6000) with vista on it... Of course, Vista is not compatible with the majority of my software, so I downgraded to XP. Now, I cant get the Nvidia chipset driver to install.

HP does have a driver on the website for this model running XP, but when it is extracting, I get an error: swsetup/sp33411/Thumbs.db Access is denied. And nothing works. I have chatted with HP numerous times and they have given me different drivers to install, but to no avail...

Anyone have any ideas?
do you have net access on that laptop ?

if so let nvdia pick the correct set of drivers for you.
click this link, under option 2 select motherboard drivers.

if you have no net access please turn your laptop upside down and note down its full model number , you have the DV6000 range but that's not its full model number.
please post back with that and i will take a look to see what is the correct drivers.

quick note.
nvidia drivers need direct x 9 c installed and updated they get fussy if this is not done and refuse point blank to install.
like wise xp pro with sp2 should be installed.

xp home or media are not well supported by the drivers.
Thanks man!

Ill give the motherboard driver search a try... I do have net access through my wireless card. Also, my laptop model may actually be dv6604nr. one tag says that, the other says dv6500.. My copy of xp has sp2 already on it, so that should be good. Thanks again!

Looking at the driver page - , it seems to have some fairly common hardware. The Vista drivers are from summer and fall of last year, so I think all drivers are available. Very important to get the chipset drivers installed, or many other things on an nVidia system will not work.
Thanks again! I cant seem to get that option 2 to work on the Nvidia website - When I click on the graphics drivers button, it just brings me to a page with a screenshot of what should be happening... Strange...
make sure your firewall and anti-virus are off while you do that.
and i think the pop up blocker must be swiitched off.

it should ask you to install a active x if you don't install that nvidia can not scan the pc.
Well, sorry it has been a while, but I have been out of service...

I downloaded the Nvidia nForce Drivers from the Option 2 on the Nvidia website... It installed fine, unlike the other chipset drivers I have found on the HP site, etc... The issue is that they dont seem to work.. I still have no ethernet driver, etc...

Very strange - Any other ideas? Maybe a generic chipset driver?
check device manager now see whats still listed, its common for the chipset driver to load but miss out the ethernet driver.
if you open up your c drive you should find a folder named nvidia in that folder you will find the ethernet driver.
copy that folder over to your desktop and then use device manager to install its driver files.
Thanks man. Still a no-go. I did finally get the chipset installed though. I had to use a forceware modded driver and yet another for the nvidia graphics... Needless to say, it works like a charm now. I certainly appreciate your assistance!
if you still have problems with the ethernet driver go in to device manager, double click the troublesome lan, click the details tab and note down its device id sting.
post that back here and i will see what i can find for you.
Thanks for the offer! The forceware chipset driver took care of the ethernet as well!
Hi Dave,
I am using an HP Pavilion DV6602AU which can pre installed with Vista Home
I downgraded to Windows XP SP3
I have managed to find and install most of the driver except for 4 that are giving me nightmares:

OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 host Controller
Base System Device
Base System Device
Base System Device
VGA compatible video controller

I have tried so many versions of the nVidia 7150M drivers but none seem to install

Please help me locate the download for the the following:

OS: Win XP SP3

GeForce 7150M
Vendor: Nvidia Corp
Class: Display (VGA)
OEM Device: Unknown
OEM Vendor: Hewlett-Packard Company
laptop to go drivers will run that geforce card.

and even the omega drivers will run it.

base system device is more then likey the hotkeys or card reader.
Also, I could not get many drivers to install on SP3. I reformatted with XP SP2 and everything installed fine...

(12-09-2008, 11:14 AM)davey6 Wrote: laptop to go drivers will run that geforce card.

and even the omega drivers will run it.

base system device is more then likey the hotkeys or card reader.
sp3 does cause problems when down grading,microsoft changed some of the core in xp so only very new drivers will install.
when downgrading its best to use sp2 get the laptop up and running then do the upgrade to sp3 if you wish.
Thanks Dave got the graphics fixed, having trouble with the chipset drivers though
what errors are still showing in device manager ?

and what nforce drivers did you load for that chipset ?
as you have the geforce 7150 i would think its one of the nforce 630 series or this one
I have a similar problem, i have just downgraded my Hp pavillion lap dv6000 from vista home to Xp professional. i have downloaded display driver, network driver and Audio drivers but when i run the setup its giving an error message Access denied. The challege is i can go on the net using my laptop to use the link davey6 gave. please help
download the drivers in my link to a memory pen or burn them to cdrom.
fully unpack the drivers then use device manager and update driver option on the unpacked driver files
Its nice information about laptop

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