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Problems with XP and Toshiba p105-9337
Hello everyone,

This is my first time posting so please be gentle. I have a toshiba p105-9337 laptop and I need help finding all the xp drivers for it. The laptop orginally came with vista, but I had to load xp pro on it because Vista doesn't run all the programs I need to run. I am dual booting Vista and XP Pro. I put Vista on a 30 gb partition and reloaded all the stock drivers and everything seems to work on that. Then I loaded XP Pro on the rest of the HDD and only some things work properly. So far, according to my device manager the only devices that have the yellow question mark are:
Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus
Biometric Coprocessor
Ethernet Controller
Mass Storage Controller
Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus
SM Bus Controller
Unknown Device
I checked the Toshiba website and they dont have any drivers for my laptop and XP. If anyone could point me in the right direction on where to start looking or knows of drivers that work for this laptop I would greatly appreciate it. If you have any questions for me or need more system information please let me know. Thanks everyone :).
When I put p105-9337 into the search at Toshiba to get infromation, I'm getting no returns. What is the main model? Satellite, Quosimo, Tecra, etc? Also check the stickers on the bottom for a complete model number - Toshibas usually have two different sets of "names" and only one is the correct one to find the drivers, manual, and such.

Also, it is good that you have it set to dual-boot. We'll need to look at the Vista setup and driver names.

Post back - we'll help!
Oh sorry about that, its a satellite. I bought it from circuit city. The drivers listed on the Toshiba site are mostly for vista with only a few that are for vista/xp. The bottom of the laptop says:
Satellite P105-S9337
Model No. PSPAGU-00J00V

I hope this helps some. Thanks for the help :)
please read this topic.

its about the same model number as your own and i have found most of the drivers.
please load what is on offer ,
please post back with anything still showing a error after you have loaded thos drivers.
I have most everything working now thanks everyone :). Still no sm bus controller, mass storage controller, or ethernet controller, but the computer seems to work fine. I have no idea what those things do anyways and they don't seem to do anything for my computer because everything seems to be working fine. Thanks again for the help:)
sm bus controller is part of the intel chipset did you load the main intel chipset drivers up ?
http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_D...0Professio nal&lang=eng

this one should get the lan going
http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_D...0Professio nal&lang=eng

mass storage controller could be the card reader or the fact the intel main chipset drivers are missing so try the two above and see if it clears the errors
Thanks for all the info everyone :), but now I have a bigger problem. The graphics card fan does not work anymore. After I work on the laptop for about 5 minutes, I get some artifacts on the screen and the screen turns off. When I try to reboot the system reboots and I can hear windows boot up but nothing appears on the screen. If I run a floor fan on the laptop for a while with the laptop off, I can restart the laptop and have the screen come on. What do you guys think is wrong with it? I think it is either my graphics card that is bad or the fan on my graphics card is bad. Anyone know how I can test the fan to see if it is working properly?. Also does anyone know where I can get a graphics card or fan at? I haven't been able to find any on the internet or ebay. Thanks for the help everyone :).
first off word of warning.
don't switch this laptop back on like that you will burn the gfx chip out.

the chip is over heating and shutting down it will do that to protect its self but will only do it so many times then it just won't come back on again.

the gfx fan on those toshiba is a real piggy to get at.
some sit just under the keyboard others sit just under the upper grill.
to be honest it means a strip down to check the fan and control board running the fan.
you will need a test meter to check the voltage to the fan, if voltage reads when laptop is swicthed on its the fan at fault, if no voltage reads the main power control board is at fault.

to be honest this sort of job is out the reach of most home pc repair people, i would do it as i know what i am doing and have the test bed with the meters i need, if you do not have that sort of thing its a job best left to a shop.
I had the same issues with driver on my toshiba P105-s9337 so I compiled all the drivers into one package to make it simple when it comes to the vista to xp upgrade process. These are all actual driver installers and such from the source. no 3rd party bs packs.

this pack is everything except the microsoft audio bus driver!

this is the audio bus driver!

hum won't let me download the main rar file say's not enough access on server.
its a big file and may be limited on some free sites.
i will keep trying as what i will do is upload it to my file site.
if you need me to put it somewhere else so you can get it no problem. just give me a good idea and it will happen..
what i will do is email from your profile on here in a sec
i am going to send you a ftp login and password account to my file server,
you can upload the file to there and i will move it to a locked out area and keep it safe for other members to use if they so wish.
the deed is done. nice little website by the way.
thank you for your help.
this is my little hobby, nothing flash just a basic site that i enjoy running, glad you like it.
I will make sure I drop by when I get good info and drop it in your forums. I run into all sorts of issues and this is a great site to keep the info flowing.
if you want to upload more files just scream i will unlock that same folder on the ftp that you used.
as long as you let me know what file is doing what i can move them about.
you will see in the download area on the forum that if a member uploads a file for others to use i do put your username in the post.
i do not run the sort of site that will grab someones drivers and say look what i have.
no if you do the work your name goes with it.
just for an update the last 3 models of the 9337 I have worked on have serious overheating issues after xp pro installs. so i would keep the vista.
or burn the laptop!!
if your finding the laptop is overheating that may be down to the acpi power control.
make sure you load up the correct main board drivers so xp understands how to control the cpu fan.

i have seen toshiba A10 early ones that overheat alot, that was down to tosh not putting a big enough cooler in the dam laptop, the slightest bit of dust would block the vents and make them over heat :compu2:

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