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HP PSC 750 driver for windows 98

Does anyone know where I can find a windows 98 driver for the HP PSC 750? I see that HP discontinued providing it, and I am having trouble finding a reliable source. Any suggestions would be great.


(By the way, that fact that I would actually need anything for windows 98 is a long, annoying story.)
Managed to find some and am downloading now. It is a 49MB file so I hope you have a broadband connection. Now I just have to find somewhere to put them so you can grab them.

[Edit] Got it and it has the Win98 drivers (I just had a wee look in the file). Do you remember the installation instructions? in case not, it is usually disconnect the device (remove USB Cable), install drivers and connect USB cable when asked. Of course I could be wrong about this but if i am, someone will correct me. [/edit]

Dave if you are better, can you email me and let me know where I can upload the file to? It's been a while and Mr Al Zymer has forgotten to remind me where to put it (the file you dirty minded sod). :-)
just sent a email to you biggles upload details are in that.
Done diddly um done.
fuzzy, biggles driver can be found here for the time being.

Thanks very much indeed. You have all been a great help. Everything worked perfectly well, and I am delighted.

Thanks again!

I'm having the same trouble too trying to find the printer drivers for the Hp PSC 750 for windows 98. Will appreciate it too if you send me some information on how to get these drivers. Thanks
hp have that driver hiden on their site but the driver listed here is the same one used by windows 98 as its version 1.0.0

hp list this as windows 2k but i know its the same driver for windows 98 98se and me
only the windows xp / vista /windows 7 is a different driver version to that.

see how you get on with that.
the driver i had got lost in a host crash and move and year ago.
biggles if you come across this driver again please let me know.

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