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USB to Serial in reverse
I am wondering if Serial>USB adapters work in reverse? What I want to do is take a device (a total station/theotolite used in surveying) that only has a USB and use some sort of USB>Serial (opposed to Serial>USB) adapter and plug it into a serial port on a data collector. Will the infamous ebay HL-340 blue Serial>USB adapter work in such an instance?
Has anyone ever gotten any USB>Serial adapters to work? Would the drivers for the HL-340 still need to be installed, even though instead of making "virtual com ports" I want to run a USB into a COM port?
Does anyone know and could recomend a simple adapter that would have a female USB and a female serial end on it?

Thank you!

i don't think this will work reason being the drivers tell the computer to convert usb to serial and not the otherway round.
if your device has usb out its far better to go usb to usb as thats a faster interface then serial.

if you want to try your idea its better to get a brand name cable belkin or something like that as support is there, the cheap ones off ebay are running out of date chips and will give you a heap of problems.
That's what I was thinking. Problem is that the data collection system software that we are using can only read off of COM ports and is not able to read USB inputs (yet, our software people are working on it). It's definitely a little dated software, but it's all that we have and was designed because all the things that we wanted to plug into it so far have all had serial/COM outputs. It's not a matter of if the device can output USB, as it can, it's that the computer we have to use to collect the data needs a COM input.
Thanks for the reply, and great site that you have!

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