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visioneer 4800 and vista problems
i cant use my scanner 4800 with vista i dont know what the problem is its says connect cords and etc and everythings plugged in , could someone please help me?

please read this work round i did when vista first come out.
still not working please help

(07-26-2008, 05:49 AM)davey6 Wrote: please read this work round i did when vista first come out.

not working it worked before now im having problems again because i had to reinstall windows back on my puter
if you have reinstalled windows please make sure you have done the following before you try the work round.

make sure windows is fully up to date use windows update to gain access to any updates needed.
make sure you have loaded the motherboard drivers for your computer without them vista may not access the usb ports.
im not computer smart but windows is fully updated and i still cant get it to work
how do i load the motherboard drivers ?
do you know what is the make and model number is of your motherboard ?
or make and model number of your pc ?

please post that back here and i will find you the newest set of motherboard drivers

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