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Any idea on drivers for this baby, yea I know, ebay unbranded
COM6802+T668]K17L 001 P1
Many Thanks BUNG2
I have seen that one here.

ok this site is not in english but it can be worked out.
if you look on the bottom of the page it looks like page numbers starts with uu10s
change that to read uu20s
the cam i think is the third one down.
click the little floppy disk to download the drivers.

I have also seen it here.
this is the driver havit list for that cam.
Thanks for trying, Dave
but neither one worked. I have contacted the vendor (from Hong Kong)
and they say they will re post drivers, if they are of any use i'll post them on.
Dave is away for a while and yes please we would love to get the drivers. Post back here when you get them and we will get you the details of our FTP site so you can upload then to it.

Thanks Bung, we appreciate your consideration. Rock
the drivers for those cam's should be around the 5meg mark.
if they are i will give you a email address to send it to.

i bet its a sonix or vimicro driver.
they seem to have the most up to date drivers for 6mega+ cams

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