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External Hard Drive not working
Well today i was working on some stuff and moving files and listening to music when all of a sudden music went off.. for whatever reason my external went off the map no more drive letter etc.. i have turned it off turned it back on and the only thing that happens is windows detects it with the USB connection sound.. nothing else appears. the drive is probably a bit over a year old. its a Maxtor. When turn it on i hear it engage itself and it starts spinning.. any ideas? i have some stuff i need to get off of here. Thanks
ok so me being curious as i am.. looked and noticed my warranty was shot so i said screw it and took out the hard drive itself. I put it in my computer and booted it up and now its recognizing it but saying Error performing inpage operation.. so idk anyone have any ideas now that i have this drive.

im now using a live cd and going to see if i can get in or do anything with the drive.
ok! so for whatever reason booting into a live cd then accessing the hard drive worked fine... the only problem is the computer its running on is my old one because of hd type... so i have 512 ram. i have 200 gigs that needs to be transferred and the first bit seems to be taking 161 mintues for 10 gigs.. i will see how it goes.. i hope nothing is corrupted but we will see!!
You are doing the correct steps to try to recover your data. My first impression is the drive is failing, and the long time for transfer indicated by windows is a symptom of that. Even on a 66Mhz bus, the speed should be much faster - same if it's using the original usb connection.

Good luck!

And of course it failed just after the warranty expired. They put a timer in these things, I think... Comp1
ok well the good news is i got all of my important stuff. :) and the bad news is i dont have my other stuff haha... I got roughly 50 gigs off of it. the rest is corrupted. I managed to get it back in the casing and it started spazzing again so i took the cover off and whacked it and it started working again..

I think im done with Maxtor what do you guys think.. ive just had terrible luck with them.

I am thinking about trying out some Western Digital
My book or My passport. Reviews seem WAY better then Maxtor..

Any other brands you guys would look into. Thanks!
Maxtor... Poo

Seagate (which now owns Maxtor, and it cheapened the whole company) - they've got good warranties, but that won't save your data when it fails :gun:

WD's - a little better... still have tossed quite a few... :compu2:

Samsungs - much better - but hard to find, even by mail order, and $$$$ Slap

Stone carvings - now those last... :loll:
Maxtor is now made by SEAGATE and i have had poor luck with seagate over the years.
WD drives are ok-ish but if one drive is going to fail one day after the warranty its going to be a WD drive.
i have had much better luck with samsung drives over the years,
they make the best laptop drives thats for sure.
hhmm.. ok..

What are a couple external cases you would recommend and what samsung drive would you recommend to put in that case > < haha

i was wondering any experience on USB powered ones vs AC powered Externals?

i know speed for sure.. but longevity of the drive
Locally, I get StarTech usb and SATA external enclosures. They seem to hold up well, and have separate power supplies. There are other brands, just happens to be the ones I use and buy for clients. Only use a usb powered one for a portable 2.5" drive for my laptop. Too much current draw for a larger drive, I feel.

There are lots of others - Thermaltake, Rosewill, Kingwin, Eagle, Coolmax. Some enclosures also have up to 5 drive bays, some built-in raid, and some have network interfaces.

My experience with very big drives is still limited, as they are still pretty new to the market. Those in the 160-250-320G range are the ones I use for most of my repairs and upgrades.
ok well i think im almost set with everything!! i managed to get everything back.. and of course right after the hard drive went out again !!! yay@!

Can i swap out the bad hard drive and put a new one in the maxtor case? or will there be something in there keeping it from working? cause i must say the case looks sweet right now haha
Since you got the case apart without breaking it (some won't disassemble at all; re: some seagates I've tried to recover data from), I'd say try a new drive in the old case. Note, it may have a chip in it that either won't see a bigger drive, or it looks for the brand name - I have an older Maxtor that came with a 80G and wouldn't see a 120 or larger at all.

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