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Optical drive recognition problem ?
I have recent bought a Vaio VGN-FW11E and also bought a Panasonic UJ-210 BD drive. The BD drive does not come with this this laptop as standard but the VGN-fW11S (next model up) does with the model UJ-220 BD drive. Thinking it would be straight swap guess what fat chance.
When I changed the driver hardware did not show up in device manger. Even though VGN-FW11s has the same processor,graphics chip the only difference 50 GB of hard drive & 1GB of ram.
The thing is when I swapped the drives in my older Viao VGN- FS315S no problems apart from the graphics chip not rendering but recognises the hardware though. So what next is a hardware problem or a driver problem or XP & Vista.
I would be very grateful if someone give me some guidedence.
The drive does not even boot up os software.:compu2::compu2:
may not be a windows or hardware problem may be a bios problem.
on some sony's and other makes the bios is set at the factory to the drive shipped in the machine.
put the new drive back in the sony you want it in,
then go in to the bios screen and load its defaults.
it should now auto detect the new drive.
I will try that thanks
Set the bios for optmised defaults but still no joy
I read your problem. First check it. As with most computer problems, the problem can either be due to software or hardware misconfigurations or errors. If your drive has recognition problems, it's smart to check if this is due to software. The easiest way to check this, is to try to boot from your optical drive. Make sure you set your optical drive as first boot device (this can be done from your system's BIOS) and boot from the disc. Good discs to boot are OS installation discs, such as a Windows or a Linux installation CD. If this works out alright, we know that the drive works. and Software configuration check.

Thank you...
I think that it is the BIOS Problem. So you should restore default. This will solve your problem.
the thing you have to remember when repairing a laptop is this.

all be it sony, hp or whoever made it, they pre set the bios to read the hardware they installed when the laptop was shipped.
sometimes when you replace a broken drive the laptop will refuse to use the new drive untill you tell the bios to auto detect the new hardware.

likewise most cdroms on laptops are removable, its possible that the drive is not making contact with the motherboard stopping the drive from being used.
times i have had laptops brought to me with a drive problem and all its needs is the drive removed contacts cleaned and reseated to get it working.

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