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sata driver for xp install on HP dv9910us
Same old stuff, trying to dual boot vista w/xp but I think need the sata driver(s) for this HP dv 9910us.
Did this -
repartition hd under vista, to make a blank space.
reboot off orig xp pro disk. Install went fine, copying files.
reboot crashed HARD
vista would not start
recovery disks would not boot
I think that xp trashed the partition table
had to repartition w/ linux utils disk
hp recovery of vista worked fine

mobo is hp dv9700 series w/ nvidia geforce7150m/nforce 630m chipsets.

Any ideas ?

Thanks, andy

OOPS - Sorry , I ran mouth before putting brain into gearSlap
Have now read several posts on this site in different areas, and I think
that all my answers have already been posted.

Will try all this stuff and report back here.

Thanks for a GREAT forum with clear dedicated answers.
Youse guys is da bestest !!!
yes vista and xp use a different mbr,
if you install xp with vista already in place you have to repair the mbr to get the dual boot.
its a bit of messing about but not impossible as i have done it myself a few times.
if your still stuck just let us know and i will tell you what to do.

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