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AC'97 driver for a Japanese NEC driver
oh you did remember sp2 and direct x update before the ATI driver ?

won't install otherwise.

what i am trying to do is find a english nec laptop where the laptop meets or has teh same spec as yours , may mean looking at many different models but there has to be one. i can't see them doing just that model for the jap market only, its listed under another model number for another country i just have to find it.
you know what i think the omega drivers will run that video.

thats a mod set made by omegadrivers and work with any laptop no matter its make or model as it has a mod INF file.
So, The ADI provided by NEC site didn't work either.

In fact it's a SP1 windows, you were just mentioning the the fact that I had to have the direct X9c (which I have).

So now I'm downloading SP2, but It will take some time (in fact 5 hours more or less, the network is so low I don't know why).

For the Omega thing, I haven't install it because I don't understand... it is a video driver, so why for ?
yes install xp sp2 , don't go to sp3 just yet, seems to add to problems with downgrading.

take your time i am trying to find info on your ATI chipset.
this is getting to me a little and i will find the answer one way or the other.

spec say ADI ( won't load )
conexant ( won't load )
realtek loads ( won't work )
id string say's ATI

you have one of those problems that at the moment has me stumped , i don't like to be stumped so will read my backside off now and see if i can find the answer.
ok i have had enough of reading for now , been at it for over two hours.

alot of people looking for Analog Devices AD1981B(L) @ ATI SB400 - AC'97 Audio Controller PCI
almost all in japan.

what i have just done is rip apart a dell ad1981b driver and when i say ripped apart i mean just that.
if you look on the bottom of this post you will find a winzip file.
download it and fully unpack it.
now go in to device manager , call up the trouble some sound.
right click and select update driver.
browse to the folder you unpacked highlight any files listed and click next.
lets see if windows will do the work.

this is the wdm driver only, no fancy install package , no flash anything just the windows driver for the AD1981B taken from a dell.
Hi, so now I have SP2.

I've tried your last reply attached file and it did not work (no driver found...).

I've also retried all the other driver, but hte same things are occuring.
Right now I'm checking on japanese forums but with no success so far.
I've found something that might be of some help, I think it's a page describing the content of the cd that was going with the computer, it is especially about the drivers.

Look for ?????????? in this page (it is about the sound driver). my laptop type is on the first line, and in the last column it says on what repertory of the CD the driver is to be found, and it says : D:\DRV\ADSB24, so the one driver to find is the one about ADSB24, isn't it ?
i think and i am not 100% sure so i am downloading it i found the xp + driver cd rom for the laptop.
its going to take a few hours to download as its coming out of japan at 10kb/sec
thats dam dail up speed but i will get it
if you translate this page

then choose your model its talking about a cd rom 0505VXP1.EXE( 90,259,303 Bytes)

i found that and i am downloading it now to see what it is,
this would not be so dam hard if i did not have to translate every single thing i find. and even then most is unreadable , i still refuse to give this up as a bad job.
if yu find something run the page or text in here

ok its not 100% but a little english is better then no english what so ever
So, you can stop your download now.
I've completed the download on my part, and installed the ADSB24, and you know what ? I hear !

I don't know how you have find this page but I greatly thank you for finding it. I never thought It would be this hard to find a sound driver, but you never gave up even if it means to go and translate every little word of Japanese.

A great thanks to you ! You're a savior.
well i am glad that worked as my download is still at 60% Slap
i would have downloaded it for you if i had to.

the ADSB24 is the ADI 1981B all be it the Japanese version, guess it just wanted a Japanese driver in order to work.

from what i was reading the full ATI package is also on that disk , so if you have any other problems just have a look over that download and check in the D:\DRV folder
well its taken 8 hours but i did download this driver disk.
i have uploaded it to the site just in case someone else wants these drivers.
save me translating all over again.

this is the full driver cdrom that shipped with the NEC Versa Pro VY17F/LV-U
the zipfile will remain locked out, so if you wish to access these drivers please just dop me a note on the forum and i will unlock it and allow you to download the zip package.
i have to do it this way to stop the dam bots linking to it and over running my host.

I think this is exactly what I need, I gave up trying to translate all the japanese pages. could you put that zip file of the drivers for Japanese NEC up for me to download from your link? I need drivers for:
Analog Devices AD1981B(L) @ ATI SB400 - AC'97 Audio Controller PCI
ATI Radeon Xpress 200M (RS400M) Video Adapter

driver seems to have gone walk abouts.
i changed host twice since i done this.
i will try and track down that zip file in the backups i have.

i will post a link later for you
I had to upload this again but i found it.

That had the drivers I needed, they worked! You are awesome. Thanks!!
i also have the same problem

i have NEC versapro VY17F/LX-W , also no sound

can i also ask for drivers to make sound work

I alos use AC 97 sound driver in my PC . It have no problem and install auto.
Its working and sound is best .
Please could you unlock the zipfile with driver CD for the NEC VERSA PRO VY17F/LV-U so that I could download it.
I have read through this thread and I think it may solve my problem.

Best regards,
No problem file is now unlocked and will remain unlocked for 24 hours.

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