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i forget my webcam driver ALI M5603C

i forget my webcam driver. my webcam model is ALI M5603C. if there any body have the driver please help me.
that seems to be a built in webcam on some laptops.

what is the make and model number of your laptop.
and what windows are you running
if your running windows 2k / xp click this link.

then click utilities

the driver is about 3/4 the way down and listed as the BisonCam Camera Driver

I have the same camera that you do (at least when I plug it in it tells me that I do!), and although I have done the previous instructions to get the drivers for it, and although my laptop registers its existence, there is no live feed being transmitted, its just a black screen.

Can anyone offer any advice?
Im pretty sure the camera, cable and USB plug are in perfect working order, so I doubt its something to do with the camera.


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