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CNLTF LT-168G(another 6 LED eBay cam)
so, i bought one of those infamous 6 LED webcams from eBay(i wish i would have seen this site before i did), and haven't been able to get it working properly...

it actually came with a disc, but it, like every other driver i've tried from this site, installs the camera as "HP Basic Starter Camera"...

my computer recognizes it and everything, and acts like it's working, but all i get in any program is a black screen...

the chip inside reads


with a third line with a bunch of numbers and letters i didn't care to try to read...

i'm running Windows XP-Pro SP3, with an Intel processor...

and yes, i took off the lens cap!
hi, have the same cam. It works for me with the sonix nc9c120 driver, but the black screen persist. Does someone know?
try the usb 168 cam driver i have listed here.

thats a early sonix driver.
bit more digging on that chip number and a bit more translating later Slap

it may be the 168 cam sold by http://www.szlt.com
now that is not a very good site i had to translate just about everything to find the driver download..
however i hope this is a direct download link.

if that don't work click this link then click download link 1 to get the driver.
thanks, but it had the same problem as the rest, installing it as the HP cam...

i actually broke down and bought a Logitech cam, just because i KNOW that will work, ha...

but i'd still like to get this one working if i can...

i left negative feedback on the eBay account i bought it from. maybe that will help others decide whether to buy these or not...but i doubt it.
well you did try thats the main thing , sorry i could not be of more help to you , looks like this one will get away till the chip used becomes more common.
how much are these pesky cams maybei will get one so i can figure out how to get them working
i did that stu with the zs211 i bought the cam off ebay cost me all of i think £4 i stripped it guts out and worked out how to install it in xp/vista.

trouble is these tinpot jap companies chucking them out by the millions don't stick to one chipset, what ever is cheapest at the time gets used.
a real pain in the backside.
all classed as Icatch as well.
after this cam and another bad experience with an SD card, i'll probably never buy anything from Hong Kong on eBay, ha...

yeah, i only paid like $8 for it, and the mic works, so it's not really a complete loss.
I too bought the 6 led cam off ebay. I took it apart and had the CNLTF LT-168G chips. NONE of the drivers here worked, the "Driver Disk" it came with was junk. I emailed the seller and they sent me a link to a working driver set:


I did a system restore to before I tried all the other drivers, ran the WC10 file (080317_USBPCCamPlus_v5.18.1207.112.exe) and it worked the next time I plugged the camera AND MICROPHONE cord in.

Before when I plugged it in, the camera was recognized as PC CAM... after I installed the WC10 file it was recognized as PC CAM -168 (or something similar)

NOTE: The install new hardware wizard - running in automatic mode - did not install the camera until I plugged in the mic.


BTW: This is the item title and description from ebay:


5 Megapixels USB 6 LED Night Vision Webcam for SKYPE/MSN/YAHOO

Product Specifications:

* 100% brand new
* 6 LED Night Vision
* Built-in unidirectional microphone
* Built-in CMOS sensor
* Works great with Skype, MSN, YAHOO, etc.
* 1.3 Mega Pixels Digital Camera CMOS Sensor
* Up to 5.0 Mega Pixels window capture resolution supported
* Video format: 24-bit RGB
* Camera supports 180 degree rotation
* Frame rate: (640 x 480) 30 f/s; (1280 x 960) 10 -15 f/s
* Compatible with USB 2.0 / USB 1.1
* Focus Range: 3 cm to Infinity
* Easily mounts to desktop / laptop monitor with built in clip
* XP, Vista Supported.

What's Included in the Package:

* Comes with original package (Which happened to be only bubblewrap)
thank you for your help Steads , these cams are always popping up and that's one more driver to the list.

i will upload the driver to my other site in the morning and post a link here to the driver
as long as i own my sites these files will stay up for everyone to use free of charge.
while i am updating the forum tonight i have just uploaded this driver.
it can be found here if anyone wants to try it.
I just wanted to say that WC10.zip worked for my CNLTF chip camera. I had almost given up. Thanks! One question though. Does this driver limit the resolution of the camera, or are the ebay listings just lying about the 1.3 megapixel option? Im not even able to stream at 640x480, its just working at 320x240...
this a common mistake people make with cam's 1.3 meg is the still image photo shot.
640x480 is the moving picture vga mode of the cam.

in short if you take a picture like you would with a normal digital cam you should get the 1.3meg picture shot other then that you get the standard VGA movie mode.
Yeah, I actually expected that. But I'm not even getting 640x480. Only 320x240. That's why I thought maybe the drivers were the culprit. No worries. Thanks again!
got mine working using the WC10 download. but...... my 6 led lights dont work :( has this happened to anyone else? and does anyone know how to get them working?


Folks, Thanks very much for th driver. I was already close to getting mad..;-)
Well, now I have xactly the sam problem as hailes. The camera does work but the friggin LED's doesntPoo

Any suggestions except the two below?
as i have said many times it really depends on what led´s are fitted to the cam.
some work as blue white, others are infered and the human eye can not see that but the cam should give a clear-ish picture in a dark room if they are working.
other cams have a fault where the photo cell is missing,

luck of the draw really with these cheap cams, but if you are getting some sort of picture while your in messenger then your doing better then most.
Folks, I thought I try something and voilà!! it works :-)
@ hailes and all who have the same prob with the LEDs. Start the camera (e.g. skype->tools->option-> video settings) The camera-icon in the bottom right corner of the task bar will become activ. Right click there and choose 'open property page'.
On this property page u'll have plenty of settings such as brightness, contrast, etc....
Now to turn on the lights tick in the bottom right corner of the property page ON in the Aux LED Mode. Alternatively u can let the camera work with backlight, therefore u tick Backlight comp. in the Extra Control Window which is right on top of the Aux LED Mode window.
Hope that helps.
If anyone would like to get some screen shots please do not hesitate to write me a mail to derpappa@gmx.de

maybe ur interested in those screen shots to post them here?
well done,
can you let the members know what driver that setting can be found it.
i am sure it will help others without the auto switch on of the leds.

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