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SP2 to SP3 And Drivers Stopped Workingq

My HP laptop running WinXP MCE 2005 SP2 was working great until I got home and seen there was the SP3 update to be done, so I done it.

Now when I go into Device Manager my :

nVidia GeForce 8400m and Ricoh MMC Host Controller drivers have explination marks next to them and when I try to install the driver from before it doesnt work.

Does anyone know how I can fix this or where I can get working drivers from?


What I did was:

1) Restored my pc back to the point before installing SP3, but what I noticed was it was still having same problem.

So I downloaded a driver and modded inf from LaptopVideo2Go and used that and now its working again... so far... but just incase when it wants to install SP3 again and I do it, is there any fixes for it?
not yet there are no fixes.
thats why i advise people not to update to sp3 just yet on a laptop thats been downgraded
it cause problems has you haev just found out.
shut down auto update in control panel.
when you want to use windows update do so but select show other updates.
stay with sp2 for as long as possible.
Hmm... and is there a way to backdate it back to SP2 and fix all the drivers without a fresh reformat?

I just dont wanna start my m8s Toshiba again as your remember the problems we had lol.

Also m8, see for backing up drivers onto CD, whats the best method/program?
I think I done it.. I uninstalled the SP3 from add remve progs, then installed SP2 again and reformatted... all drivers seem to be fine :)
I have slipstreamed SP3 onto an XP install disk and that seems to stop any driver problems that happen when SP3 is installed on an SP2 system. nLite does a good job of the slipstreaming so if you need to do a clean install, then SP3 will already be on the XP installation and hopefully trouble free.

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