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Blue Screen Of Death

My m8s pc just kept looping on startup and giving him the blue screen of death.

So I put in WinXP disc and deleted partitions and reformatted it all.

Now it gets to the point of installation of windos xp but doesnt move from 39minutes remaining at the start..

Then I also get different errors sometimes...

Then it does begin to move forward, gets so far then the blue screen comes up.

What could be the cause of this?

Should he just buy a new internal hardrive and well install XP on that?

two possible things spring to mind without having to rack my brain to much.

bad memory simm will cause this to happen, if he has more then one memory simm remove one and try and install windows.
bad sector on the hard drive will also give this error.

at about 39 mins to go windows is installing its network devices, check his lan card if its not onboard.
reset his bios back to full auto detect.
and one last thing check the windows xp cdrom for damage.

also ask your friend if his been playing about with the bios, a update bios can cause the system to become unstable if its just slighly out.
Thanks man,

I moved removed and put the memory back in and it seemed to work. We did get an error but we bypassed it and it seems to be working fine so far.

Thanks again for the help...

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