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how to get full USB 2.0 speed?
my motherboard:
no matter if I connect my Pendrive to front panel or in the back it shows balloon message: "this device can perform faster; for list of available ports, click here..."
WindowsXP PRO SP2
both pendrive and motherboard are USB 2.0 enabled
PLEASE HELP cos to copy anything on my 4GB DataTraveler takes ages...
make sure you have usb 2 support switched on in your bios, it should be listed as some older devices do have problems with usb2 and its switchable so best to check that first.
after that its a case of load up the newest motherboard drivers from via.
and use windows update after that to find any possible update for your usb ports.

if after doing all that it still don't work download and fully unpack this driver only ,
do not use the auto install.
use device manager , update driver option on your usb main root and point windows to that unpacked driver.

just for info ,
the main ports are the ones just under your mouse , keyboard ports , if you have a hub plugged in to that it might downgrade the port to support the extra usb ports.
BIG thanks! it works great now, both front panel and in the back
Your usb data speed depends on what your com port is set to. if you have alot of usb ports then they share the bandwidth between them. so you may only get 20% of your actuall bandwidth if you have a few other usb devices sharing the bandwidth. you can go to your device manager on your pc and increase the percentage your com port uses of the bandwidth.

Thank you..

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