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XPERT 98 AGP Driver needed for XP
I just upgraded my machine from Win98 to XP (a well as a ton of hardware upgrading...) I did all of this on an extra monitor because I was using another machine as my principal while the upgrades were happening and being cleaned up. Now, when I go back to my old monitor, it is flickering like crazy. I am assuming that I should update the video card driver? Or the monitor driver? Your thoughts?

Refresh rate is the highest it goes and I have never had a problem with this before with this monitor and the other monitor that I had been using had no flickering problems when attached to this system.

My video card is: XPERT 98 AGP
My Monitor is: Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 710s
check to see if windows list's your video card as it should.
being such a old card you will not find a better driver then the one already built into windows xp.

if your monitor is flickering just have a quick look round the area its sitting in make sure no power packs of any kind is sitting in close range to the monitor as they can make it flicker, also make sure ? ? your speakers are not close by as some have a built in power pack.

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