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GFM webcam: ZSMC USB PC Camera (ZS0211) not working
Hi, I just bought this GFM Webcam (model number ULQ-902) and have tried installing and reinstalling the drivers from the disk but have came to the same problem each time. When Vista searches for the hardware to install the drivers for it, it comes up as "ZSMC USB PC Camera (ZS0211)". It looks just like the 6-LED ebay webcam except with gfm printed on the black clamp. I run a 64-bit Windows Vista Operating System with SP1, NVIDIA 9800GT video card, Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 Quad Core processor, 6 GB DDR2 Dual-Channel memory, and 640 GB Hard Drive. I have called the customer support for GFM and they were absolutely no help what so ever. Please help me if you can, anyone. I would really appreciate it.
the zs211 chipset has problems under vista 32bit and i have never managed to get it working under 64 bit o/s of any kind.

all you can try and do is remove the cam from add remove programs.

restart your pc, put the cam disk in the drive and cancel the install.
now plug your cam in , when the vista i am not very helpful wizard starts , point it to your cdrom , open the subfolder and install the driver the manual way.
if it fails copy the contents of the cdrom over to your desk top and try again.
well, i have some good news and bad news. the good news is i tried the zs211ver2 download and the driver was accepted by vista 64-bit o/s....the bad news is the webcam is still not recognized by the computer fully to get it to work properly, it still gives me the blank screen or great picture from my tv tuner that i have installed without sound. i'm still looking for other solutions and i'll keepupdated when i find one. if anyone comes up with something, pleas help, it would be much appreciated. I wish people from Windows Vista hear this and get on the job to solve some of the compatability issuses the 64-bit o/s still has.
by the way, the cdrom wasnt helpful, vista found no drivers on it at all. the same when i searched the disk myself
got sent another zs211 driver yesterday by a member with a 4 led cam ( same chipset used )
i will upload that in the morning to my file site and post you a link.
you are more then welcome to try that version as well.

vista as a whole has massive compatability issuses thats what microsoft wanted, forced update of hardware.
i still don't understand why they bothered to give out a min system spec for vista then don't support the lower end spec at all with drivers.
of corse the hardware companies jump on the ban wagon and say we are not going to do drivers.

poor home user has then two choices stick with xp which of corse microsoft will now let die a death or upgrade to something they will not fully use.
i just checked the details of the version 2 file that i downloaded....the box came up as it read the drivers but has this error message: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)....
thanks for your help so far
thats standard vista bull for i am not using a xp driver.
try using the compatability wizrd with that driver and tell it xp sp2
i just uploaded two more drivers for you to try.
best to use device manager if you can to see the unpacked driverfiles.

have a look here the two new ones are listed as 4 led
I've gotten the Z-STAR ZS0211-LF webcam working on Vista x64 with the zs211version2.zip driver posted here:


I extracted the install files from setup.exe and did a manual install from the device manager (on some tests the install fails the first time but works on the second). Running setup.exe seems to install the drivers properly as well.

Vista x64 doesn`t like this driver because it isn't signed (one reason for a Code 39 driver error), however it is "test signed" by the Windows Driver Kit. Both of the following methods worked for me, but the second method is on a test machine and there may be other updates that break it.

1) Vista x64 with SP1 installed :

Open a CMD window in administrator mode and run the following, then reboot:

bcdedit.exe /set TESTSIGNING ON

Unfortunately the desktop is now watermarked with "Test Mode" in the four corners of the screen, but the webcam works.
I`ve found a couple of rather inelegant methods of removing this but I haven't tried either of them:



2) Vista x64 without SP1 installed:

The following updates need to be uninstalled (there may be others that I'm not aware of)


Run the following command in administrator mode then reboot:

bcdedit /set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

(the DD is not a typo)
(This method doesn`t show "Test Mode" in the four corners of the desktop)

No guarantees, and good luck.
Hi, I just bought this GFM Webcam (model number ULQ-902) and have tried installing .but my pc have windows xp 64 bit configuration. is it work in this configuration.
Hi, I just bought this GFM Webcam (model number ULQ-902) and have tried installing .but my pc have windows xp 64 bit configuration. is it work in this configuration.
it may work with the 64bit driver i have listed here.

when installing this driver please make sure that any third party firewall and anti-virus are switched off.
if vista pops up a warning you must allow it access if you fail to do that vista firewall will block the install.
that 64bit driver sure does work...bang on!!
it so works i'm so happy right now

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