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need USB to serial cable driver
Hello ,

I have a usb to serial converter who's driver CD and box I misplaced. Is it possible that anyone knows the driver for this ?
It looks like this :
I had never used this before as I had a BAFO one which worked fine till now.

I tried the HL driver from the site , but it shows as an LPT port,but i continued to install anyway with no luck.
Also the cable shows up as a HID device in device manager .

that looks the same one as they sell on ebay which i nothing but trouble from the word go.

try the driver i have here if it loads try and change the port settings of the cable by its own program.

Thanks for replying. That zip file has 3 drivers. Which one worked for you ?
I tried all three , but none popped up a COM port.

I did get a driver , which showed up as a COM port :
I managed to get the driver from some site I now am not able to locate. I do remember it was mentioned as a Cypress Driver.
The problem is that the character come in garbled. I am using this for an microcontroller board like that in the above link.
The program works perfectly with a normal COM port though.
Cypress Semiconductor are the people that made the switch over chip in the cable.
have a read of the last post here it will tell you the way to load those drivers you downloaded.

keyspan also make some of those cables.

the program its self may be at fault here, if windows is loading the driver and does see the cable it may well be down to the software of your microcontroller board not likeing the switch over cable.
Hi Davey,

Well I tried that and it did not work too :(.

Some more sleuthing resulted in
Vendor ID :
Vendor ID 04b4
Product ID 5500
Which results in
04b4 Cypress Semiconductor Corp.
5500 HID->COM RS232 Adapter
So atleast I am now sure which chipset is being used.
No the embedded board is not the problem,it works just fine with the COM1.

Cheers and thanks
i don't have time to read over this lot but have a read of the usb forum help at compress

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