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xp driver for usb to serial cable HL-340
(10-15-2008, 09:14 PM)FirstOrbit84 Wrote: well, i didn't need to try it booted natively into XP because it seems as if the vista/updated xp drivers, CH341SER.exe, mentioned in another thread worked perfectly. I found it here: http://wch.cn/download/list.asp?id=65

the cable now reads as "USB-Serial CH340" under ports in device manager. the only problem is that it's on COM6, and i can only use com1-4 for VAG-COM. when I go into the advanced button under the port settings in the device properties tab, it says that com1-5 are in use.... any help there?

It works for me now also after failing with the pro2303 driver.

It seems the pro2303 doesn't put the inf files where we expect them to be.
(11-03-2008, 08:49 PM)gardoni Wrote: Wow, about a full day of searching, downloading, trying and failing. Finally FirstOrbit's driver CH341SER.exe worked. Many thanks! I suspect the previous drivers were choking on SP3, BTW...

Same for me, thank you very much for sharing this driver!
Signed up to thank you for the link i couldn't get the cable to work with my car diagnostic software.
did you try changing the comm port on the cable to work with your software ?

the old serail ports were comm port 1 or 2
most of the old software will only run on those ports.
Rock and roll driver website to the rescue once again... love it, and thank you...

Will be back to donate when the money is here. I would like to see this site stick around!!

I used this...
newest version i could find at WCH.CN is
|__ 10/16/2008, 2.9.2008.10

for my cheapy blue fleebay cord...

don't panic about donations they are strictly voluntary.
they just help myself with the hosting cost at the end of each year.

glad my site helped you find your driver.
driver de blackberry 8530 descargar
no such driver listed at blackberry for that phone.

in fact i found very little listed at blackberry for that phone.
in order to use these modem mobiles you need to run the install disk that came with them.
that install disk will load a driver for the modem patch needed by the pc.
all i can find listed for it can be found here.

and all i can find on the blackberry device site is here.

if your not using a standard usb to usb cable please let me know, if your using a cross over cable such as usb to serial then its the cable driver your missing and for that i will need to know the make and number of the cable and what windows your trying to run it on.
descargar lo driver huawei m835
this is a mobile phone as such should not need a driver to connect to the pc.
all i can find at huawei if the quick start guide, and a update to the undroid software.
but no drivers what so ever.

if your using a switch over cable to connect the phone then i will need to know the make and model number of the cable or the cables device id string and what windows your running.

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