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VAIO FE850FE Vista-XP Downgrade
I have downgraded my FE850FE from Vista to Xp... now it runs ok, but cant find a few drivers... like motino eye camera, Fn hotkeys and ALPS pointing...
I need help fondong this drivers... otherwise... someone who have the same sony model, but in xp, could be so nice to upload the drivers?
your cam is listed at sony as the VGP-VCC4 i already have that driver on the forum and it can be found here.
you need to install it by device manager.
the alps pointinf device is covered by windows update please read this.

and last the FN hotkeys may or maynot work, the way to get them working is to use the vista driver but don't use the built in self install, fully unpack the vista driver then use device manager and load up the 32bit driver that way.
Thank´s a lot.
I already have downloaded the drivers you told me, but as you said... it cant be installed as "it came from the box"... Sony´s trick to keep you buying vista.
Your suggestion it to "unpack the drivers"... a sort of thing I do not know how to do. These semms not to be zip, rar or other known compressed files.
Can you help me to sort this thing out?
with sony drivers they have to unpack to a temp folder in order to work.
so try and use teh built install but follow the program , keep a pen and paper to hand,

option 1 is to let it unpack and note down where it has placed the files
then try and find the folder after its failed to install.

option 2
if you get the choice of where its going to dump its temp files please do this.
make a new folder on your desktop, name it what ever you like
when the driver goes to unpack and install you tell it where to dump its driver files.
again carry on with the install till it fails.

then look in your folder and the driver files should all be sitting in there ready for you to try with device manager.

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