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A135-S7403 Vista to XP Downgrade Drivers

I'm helping another friend with a laptop downgrade. This time it's an A135. Your help with an HP downgrade was terrific, so I'm back for more. Like last time I checked the Toshiba site for XP drivers and found nothing. This is the first Toshiba I've worked on, so any help you could offer would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!Thinking
ok this may be a bit of trial and error as toshiba are worse then hp to downgrade, however not impossible if you keep at it.

now start with main chipset drivers which are the Intel 943GL
so the desktop version of 965 should cover that.

this is the correct video card driver

wifi not listed at tosh please use everest trial ed to id it.

sound is realktek HD

try this kill all driver from gigabyte it has the UAA driver built in the realtek package.
that driver also follows the Intel and Microsoft standard for HD sound so should work.
card reader not listed under vista downloads but its most likey the Ricoh 5-in-1
so these should work.

lan is the realtek rtl 8101E
try these

Thanks again for the help. Most of my experience is building desktops, so my driver knowledge on laptops is limited.
Your help has been great!

Many Thanks!!

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