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Hi Win Me driver for HP laserjet P1005 printer
Hi i need help with the Win Me driver for HP laserjet P1005 printer, i have been looking around but i can´t find it the only driver i find is for the Laserjet 1005 and don´t work i don´t know what to do please help.
sorry but i don't think there is a windows me driver for this printer.
everywhere i look comes back as xp and above.

you may get away with trying this.
click here and download the basic driver set.

fully unpack that driver but don't use the built in self install.

plug the printer in to the computer, when the found new hardware wizard start's point it to the driver files in the unpacked driver folder.

as windows 2k and xp have part of windows me in them you may be lucky.
if you are lucky it will still only give you a basic print mode with no fancy bits and bobs.

if that fails then i am sorry to say you may have to upgrade your o/s
thank you very much let me try that and ill let you know.

Best regards

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