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Hi everyone,

I recently got a Toshiba Satellite A305-S6898, and every time I have tried up to downgrade back to XP(upgrade imo) after the setup files load and it says setup is starting windows it goes to a Bluescreen of death, I was wondering if there was some way to flash the bios to get it to load or be able to delete the partition so I can get XP to load on the computer. I need to get vista off of this computer. Someone please help. Thank you in advance for your time.

Peace and Love
toshiba are only showing a update bios and no old files for this laptop so you can't downgrade the laptop's bios files.

this machine comes with 4 gig memory and that may be confusing your windows xp install.
turn the machine upside down and open the memory trap door.
remove one of the sims and try downgrading again.
now as its using the intel chipset you will need to slip stream the sata drivers on to your windows xp install disk, and tell xp all about the sata matrix or that will make it crash as well.

you should get the chance to format or delete the partition from the xp install disk, once the set up knows where the drive is and indeed what it is you should get the option.
once you have the sata drivers on your cdrom please remember to push the F6 key when asked do you want to install a third party driver.
Ok thank you very much I will do that :)
Thanks again Dave for the advice. I had to pull out the old external floppy drive to get them installed with xp lol. But anyways now I am having an issue getting the video driver for it now I thought I had it but I keep getting "the hardware does not mean the minimum req." Or " you need a .net framework of 2.0 or higher" Again could someone help me please??
your windows is out of date.
the dirivers need a min spec of xp to install, so if you have not done so already run windows update over and over till no more updates can be found.
one word of advice , don't upgrade to sp3 till the laptop is fully working or it will go belly up on you.

when you in windows update and it give you the chance to upgrade to sp3 just click show other updates, .net is up to 3 now so you really do need to bring that up to date.

as thats a ATI gfx card it needs a mod driver, the standard ATI cat drivers will not work as toshiba block them.
you need to run the omega drivers.
Thank you again for the info. I was able to get .net framework 3.5 and also the omega drivers did not work but I did find the correct ones at (http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/i...service=EU) the second one down. Thanks again for all the help you have been great :)

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