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DV2840se vista to xp downgrade
Recently I bought the HP Dvs840se laptop and downgraded it to xp. The OS is x64. Almost everything is working perfectly, however the audio driver is giving me trouble. When I jack in a earphone sound doesn't come out, keeps from speakers. I think it is a driver problem because I did a small test, installing x32 xp and earphones worked.. So wondering if there is a driver that will help me with this.
its not the driver at such thats the problem its a file called " WiSVHe5 " thats the problem.

i have ripped a working file from a driver, what you need to try and do is this find your working driver for xp64 , open iots folder and copy this file in to it. ( bottom of this post )

remove the driver from xp and restart the laptop.
then reload you mod driver, with luck it will take this file and it should work the headphones, mic e.t.c

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Thanks now headphone work, but speakers don't mute when the headphones are plugged in, do you now anything that might help?
thats still down to the WiSVHe5 file not being loaded fully by windows xp 64

all you can do is keep trying other audio drivers till you find one that works, i just checked with HP your audio is the conexant smart audio 211.
microsoft has a few drivers for that under windows xp 64 bit and it may be worth your while trying some of those.

i would also try some of the vista 64bit drivers as well from HP, just don't use the self install, unpack the sp number then point to the unpacked driver files from device manager.

its a case of try and try again till you find something that works for you.

its such a pain that HP refuse to help the home user even microsoft gave in and said these people can help if they want to , but nope HP and the like are sticking to their guns and won't support downgrading.
I even have their hopeless tech support showing in the hit rate of this site where they are telling people to come here.
Ok I will look for other drivers.
Thank you very much, one of the drivers you suggested from the Microsft site worked perfectly
Thank you very much for posting the driver install.

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