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Job usb to serial cable HL-340 in DOS
There is a necessity to work in DOS with the block of the automobile.
But there are problems.
Whether the job usb to serial cable HL-340 in DOS is possible(probable)?
Whether also there is for this purpose a compatible driver?
Who will help?
I would not think there is a full dos driver out for these cables.
at the time dos was all the rage USB was not even around.

what you need to try and find is a old computer programmer, someone that understands the full dos o/s they would be able to write you a
dos basic driver, however they will need to know the full input /output range of the cable and for that you will need to know the full chipset being used inside that cable.

but with that said you should be able to pick up a very very very old laptop for next to nothing and that would have a serial port on it.
and do away with the need for the cable.
Thanks, davey6! Basically, earlier I so also assumed it. But now I think, that it can is already known to somebody. Let's leave this question open. Please, let this theme to exist.
don't worry i don't delete any questions at all.
they all stay put.
the only things that get deleted are porn links and ads for stuff , but questions like this stay.

I have sent a email to a friend of mine in the UK he still teaches Visual Basic in schools, maybe he will have a idea or two that i can pass on.

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