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old laptop
davey hello again new problem that i hope you can help me slove.
my brother gave me his old laptop, its a bit big and heavy.
now problem is there is no name or anything on this laptop.
in fact i could not find anything printed anywhere.

now it would not boot up so i did try and load my windows vista on to it but that came up with a error something about the hardware and the memory amount.
so the only other windows i have is windows ME which i have got to load.

Now i have the following problems,
display is horrible its slow and does not scroll very well.
no sound at all.
lan does not connect to my router, not sure if this thing has a wireless or not.
modem does not work
the only things working is the little touch pad thingy.
After reading other post you have done i did try everest , but it would not run, so i got hold of sisoft i think thats what it was called and that would not run.
can you think of any other thing i can try to this laptop working ?
remember i am a woman so please take it easy with me Grin
you do like making me think don't you Eek

this not going to be easy to slove without trying to get some sort of info off that motherboard.

if vista is moaning it means the laptop does not meet min spec to run it,
however xp might run so please ask round if any of your friends have a xp disk you can borrow just so we can call off some info.

now there might be a way to find info even from windows ME and its a bit sneeky.
go to my home page.

look on the bottom of the page for the goggle ads.
click one of them, it should take you to a site that sells Driver Detective
on NO account pay for that software.
i don't support that software at all we just need to access what it knows.

download it then move it to the laptop in question and install it.
run the software.
it may or may not give you a break down of what it knows, without a net working net connection it may refuse but all you can do is try.
as windows more errors is so old it should have a built in database.

if it does call up found this and found that this what i need you to do.

note down

sound card
video card
lan card

let me know what it tells you then remove that program from the laptop and i will take it from there to find you the drivers.

please note if you ask Driver Detective to do it for you it will need a working net connection and will charge you per driver.

I just need to know what it does so i can help you.

if that fails to work i will need device id string that i can search and find out what the device is, but i will cross that bridge when i come to it.
no joy with that davey
driver detective wanted me to connect to the internet to get the results.
I do have a old windows xp disk that came with my pc before i upgraded it to windows vista , but for some reason it will not load on this laptop at all.
the disk spins but won't read the disk
So how do i find device id strings ?
to be honest smoo its years since i even looked at windows me.
but try.
control panel , system icon, device manager, double click one of the devices with no driver
click details tab.

if you can go for the lan card as once we get that up and running driver detective should be able to give me the rest.

if its not there i will have to load up windows me myself and check but i don't know on what machine as the oldest chipset i have here is 975p and that won't load windows me.
sorry for the late reply , what with christmas and all i got a bit side tracked.
my brother was looking at his old bits of paper and found what he thinks is the bill of sale for this laptop.
does that help ? its so old all the stickers have worn off so i can't really tell if this is a compaq or not.

looking at the forum you have been a busy boy over christmas , don't you ever take time off ?
well if thats correct you maybe in a little trouble as HP don't support that model under windows me.
your best bet is to try the 98 drivers found here.

let me know if anything fails to load and i will see if i can find a windows me driver.
stay away from anything listed as firmware, thats not what you need its just the drivers.

take time off ? me ?
never i can be flat on my back in hopsital and still be trying to run this site.
sad man , sad life, thats me

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