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sp2 for vista
well i just got a link from microsoft for the beta of vista's service pack 2
i must stress this is still at test stage but should not be long before its out.
i will be installing this a.s.a.p to see if it improves that more then hopless o/s but my hopes are not high.

a Poo is still a Poo no matter how much you try and polish it.

sp2 is now out and you can download it from the following link.
The really strange part is SP2 has been available since April but MS seem to have kept it quiet. Still waiting for XP SP4. :loll:
I can't see m/s falling over themself's pushing out sp4 for xp.
come the end of this year if windows 7 does come out that is , m/s will start to scale xp back in hope it will push forward both vista and 7

i will get windows 7 when it comes out, i think its much better then vista, however its still vista under its skin so will be hanging on to xp for a long while yet.
the only thing i have noticed with windows 7 if it does crash it crashes hard, i have had to reinstall rc1 more then once when playing about trying to get it doing things it does not like.

for me what m/s should do is be honest here.
support xp , support windows 7 and dump vista's sorry arse on the scrap heap.

windows 7 is vista the way vista should have been to start with, you would think they would learn that lession after windows me.

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