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Video Controller(VGA Compatible)
NonoMy Laptop Is Slow Like Tortoise.Can U please Help me Dave?Thinking
:lol.GIF:Can Dave Help Me.......I Beg You.......I am Dieing Here
sorry for te late reply i am having massive problems with my isp at home, in the middle of a change over here and my old isp is being a real pain in the ar$e ( i hope you read this ORANGE BROADBAND )

anyway on to your problemm,

one main reason why a laptop will slow down that much is heat, check all vent holes are clear and no dust build up is blocking any airflow.
if you can reach it by removing a trap door clean the heatsink and fan on the cpu.

other things you can do to help speed things up.
check for spyware , ad-aware is a good free program and can be download free from here.

defrag your hard drive you put everything back into one long file system that windows can access without looking all over your hard drive.
click start , programs , accessories , system tools disk defrag.
would also be a good idea to dump any junk built up in your internet files.
click start , programs , accessories, disk clean up.

also check to see what programs are starting up with windows and stop anything you don't need or use things like messenger , windows auto update.

click start , run
in the box type


then click the start up tab, take a look to see what files are starting with windows and shut down anything you don't need, best to leave the m/s services enabled

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