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video controller !

i have a problem with my computer.. because my directdraw doesn,t work because of a problem with a driver for my video card ( i think )
i think the problem is that i need a video controller driver( vga competibel) because there is a yellow sign for it... my problem is that i cant find the right driver i need for my problem.. so if someone can help i would like that:) ( sorry for the bad english but i,m dutch)

her is some info of my computer:

Veld Waarde
Moederbord ID 62-P300-001368-00101111-040201-INTEL$I45G300_P4I45GV BIOS P3.00
Moederbordnaam ASRock P4i45GV

Front Side Bus Eigenschappen
Bus Type Intel NetBurst
Bus Breedte 64 bit
Werkelijke kloksnelheid 133 Mhz (QDR)
Effectieve kloksnelheid 533 Mhz
Bandbreedte 4267 MB/s

Firmanaam ASRock Inc.
Productinformatie http://www.asrock.com/product/index.htm
BIOS Download http://www.asrock.com/support/index_BIOS.htm

sorry its in dutch i hope you can figure out what my problem is
i can not see what windows you are running.

anyway please follow this.

1 download and install direct x 9

2. download and install the INF file from this link.

3 . download and install the vga drivers from this link.

that should be all you need to get your onboard video working.
yay it worked
thank you very mutch, i have been trying to solve this problem for like half a year so thank you very mutch!

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