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Toshiba 105-9337
This is my first time posting. I have a toshiba p105-9337 laptop. When I start it up the screen remains black yet I can hear applications running. Any suggestions?
if the laptop is continue to boot it could be a number of things from the driver to a hardware fault with the laptop its self.

plug a ex monitor in to the laptop , then start up , push the fn key plus the one that switches over to ex monitor.
see if you now get the full windows display.
if you do push the fn + monitor key twice more and it should switch back to the lcd.
if it fails you may have a fault in the laptop.
if it remians black even on a ex monitor start the laptop in safe mode and get to your desktop.
use system restore and go back to the last time you remember the monitor worked.

for a update driver i will need to know what windows your running so i can check up with tosh, you can not use standard drivers with this laptop they really need to come from tosh themself's
if you have loaded a thrid party driver it can give you this sort of problem.

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