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Toshiba P105-S9337 - Major Overheating!
Hello Dave's Drivers!

May I first compliment you on your continued excellence when it comes to restoring these god-awful "Vista Ready!" computers back to Windows XP. I used this site to get my girlfriend's Toshiba P105 back to XP instead of that Vista hog, but I have run into a snag.

The fan just won't run anymore! Not on XP, anyway...

Now, the temperatures I am reading are absolutely ridiculous. The only normal temperature is the Hard Drive, which runs at a smooth 41C. However, the rest of the computer reaches astronomical heat levels, with things like the GPU and the Cores reaching temperatures of 120C!

The fan just won't run, it seems. How can I get this baby to start pumping air? I heard there is a fan driver somewhere - I cannot seem to find any way to adust the fan since my computer basically says it isn't there!
first thing you need to do is test for a hardware fault.
i would not advise you run the laptop with that sort of temp.
reload vista and see if the fans are now running.
if it fails to switch the fans on its a fault in the laptop sensors and needs to be repaired by tosh a.s.a.p

if the fans run under vista then its down to XP ACPI control of the motherboard.
update the motherboard main chipset drivers and then run windows update.
its also been reported that xp sp3 does cause problems i have even run in to a few myself on my desktop.
if you can stick with sp2 then add all other updates to it but not the main sp3 upgrade as that changes some of the core of xp.
What are the main chipset drivers for the Toshiba P105-S9337?
main chipset in that machine is the intel mobile 945PM

download and install the INF file found here.
EDIT: It would seem I already have that driver installed on the system. The GPU fan still refuses to turn all the time - mostly, it just spins after about 10 minutes of being idle. I also have SP2 and all necessary updates installed on my system as well, but not SP3.
this seems to be a very common problem with this laptop i found post all over the net even toshiba forums have a post about this problem.

buggy bios i think, toshiba need to sort out this problem a.s.a.p

i would try a older gfx card driver from laptop to go

i would also look at the vista restore disk for toshiba utilities, see if you can get any of the system hardware utilities to load on to xp.

from what i was reading its not just xp that suffers this problem it also happens in vista as well.
Nevermind, I fixed it. I downloaded the nVidia 180.00 drivers from and it got it working. Now it's much cooler. :D
yeah thats a older driver but if it works for this laptop i would leave well enough alone till toshiba sort out the bios.

the problem with mod drivers is sometimes they remove the temp sensors without knowing it , i know i done it myself once.
the driver does not detect a high temp so does not switch the fan on.
even nvidia themself's get it wrong from time to time with their forceware drivers, i have had a few less then stable drivers from them in the past.

the main part is still down to tosh, that bios should read temps and over ride the drivers to switch on fans to stop possible hardware faults.

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