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Satellite P100 -PSPAGA-014001 XP Drivers
card reader i think is the Texas Instruments PCIxx21

one of those drivers did not load, is your wifi or lan not working, one is the other is not.

modem i think is the conexant soft audio , data fax modem.
give these a try.

unknown device ????? any id string to that ?
Not sure why I'm still getting these?

Damn Vista, Damn Tosh, and DAMN DAMN DAMN
its tosh to blame not vista, mircosoft gave in and said its up to the likes of HP , Tosh , sony .e.t.c if they support their laptops with xp drivers , they choose not to do it.
what i can see of windows 7 its vista all right , few things added few things taken away but at its core its vista, so in other words more of the same to come.
even my dell xps 1710 laptop did not like windows 7 64bit, i can't blame dell for that one as they have drivers for xp , vista 32bit and 64bit.
its windows 7 that just played about to the point of me dumping it and going back to 32bit.
when will microsoft wake up to the fact that alot of people now have 64bit pc's its about bloody time they supported it.
they had the chance with vista 64 bit but nope its just as bad as xp 64 bit support sucks.

well its now 1.05am here i think i am going to have a shower , cup of tea, two dozen pain killers ( i am in great deal of pain today ) and then maybe think about going to bed.

call up the unknown device id strings and post what they are, i will take a look and see if i can pin point them for you.
and while your at it find out what one of those lan drivers did not load.
its the same ID Strings as posted before, it seems as though the wireless is working as its picking up my neighbours connection, must be the lan, cant tell at the moment as I dont have a network cable, will have to wait til this afternoon to test,
Barbequeing lunch as we speak will post back in an hour or so
ok 2.25am just heading towards my bed.

load up this tosh driver when you get five mins its a common modules acpi driver.

if wifi is working it must be the lan card thats not, however if you can get a connection on the wifi use device manager , right click update driver option while your online it will search xp auto update at the same time.

ok thats enough, feeling dizzy now, so bed time.
Go to bed dude ! :)

Would it help if I posted the everest report?

Also Id like to know if theres any way I can help out here, You've been amazing with all your help,
Id just like to show my appreciation and help in some way or form :)

Thanks again for all your hard work
been alseep to long now my head is killing me ,ggrrr
if you feel you can answer a question the on the forum by all means do.
i do not have a problem with people answering questions if i am not around, i mean i can't be here 24/7 no matter how hard i try.
I shall become a piece of furniture on your site davey :)

I Also have some info on updating the nvidia drivers on that model laptop.
Will start new thread and post answer, It took me forever :(
you know now that nvidia list the 7m and 8m geforce on their site ?
still don't list the 6m mind you.
if your sneeky you can copy the INF file from a working HP driver over to the new 7m series driver from nvidia then force load it ?

bit of useless info for you there but i done that the other day on a HP laptop
Yeah, it was a case of installing Toshiba's driver, then going to driver 163.44 on laptopvideo2go then upgrading to 181.00
Thats as far as ive taken it so far.

I didn't do it your way, but i'd be interested to try it out :)
still have a few glitches im ironing out on the laptop but everything seems to be ok,
it just runs a little hotter ( nothign to worry about mind you ) in xp than vista????...
not sure whyd this be if its less resource hungry???

any ideas?
thats down to the acpi power control, and speed step of the chip.
make sure you have speed step enabled in the bios to slow the laptop down when full power is not needed.

also check to make sure your fans are running, sometimes they don't on a tosh after a downgrade.
again thats down to acpi power control.
thanks again davey... what would we do without you
ohhhhh you have me VERY excited Osiris7462,

I have the exact same problem as you, except as far as I know the only drivers I haven't been able to get to work are my sound and wireless.

you mentioned that you "forced the sound driver to install"...

seeing as I have the same model of laptop as you (PSPAGA-014001) which also happened to be purchased in Australia, I thought it would be reasonable to assume that forcing the driver to install would work for me to, the only problem is, I have tried using so many drivers to date to get my sound working that I have no idea what driver you used and how on earth you managed to force it to install :(

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help me out :(

This sound issue is killing me, I can't run half my games without it, I can't watch any movies without it, and music is dead :(

PLEASE find the time to link the driver you used and quickly outline how you managed to force the install, OR even better, you mentioned uploading an .iso with all the drivers on it... That is the jackpot... so if you have uploaded it a link would be greatly appreciated, sorry if this isn't properly formatted etc, but this is my first post to this website and I'm extremely excited that somebody has managed to triumph over the evil Toshiba in its ultimate goal to force all its users to use Vista, the spawn of satan himself.

thankyou kindly, please find it in you to help me, im sure you went just as insane as i am when you didnt have sound for a few months :(

-> Ducko

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