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Satellite P100 -PSPAGA-014001 XP Drivers
First time poster here, came across some very detailed answers, hoping you may have some for me,

As u can tell by heading thats my machine,
I was just wondering if u could list some possible XP drivers,
i've dual-booted the system as I need Vista for some clients

Most drivers that i used for the first p100 on toshiba's site worked, sound didnt, also had problems installing others,
What information Do i need to give?


*update* managed to get sound working forced the sound driver to install even though it said it wasnt compatible, made backups before install, reboot, now have sound.

Still am recieving messages saying I have things to install.. Will Post if any further progress, Once done I can Post the exact drivers i used to get it all working so hopefully if anyone else has some questions they may find an answer ;)
could you list what is not working ?
if you forced your sound and its now working that is good, sometimes these drivers do need to be forced in.

if its just listed as unknownm device please list its device ID string so i can call it up and find oput what is missing.

to find a device id string is easy

go in to device manager, double click unknown device , click details tab.

with tosh i will need to know where in the world the laptop was bought reason being tosh ship different hardware depending on where its going.
hehe fell asleep watching life on mars season 2... sorry :P

as for the ID Strings they are quite long, so here goes,

Biometric Coprocessor

Ethernet Controller

Mass Storage Controller

Modem High Definition Audio Bus

Network Controller

Unknown Device

Bit of writing and typing there hehe, Haven't been successful in finding any drivers other than default xp : gfx card is NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900GTX
Oh and I bought it in Australia. :)
thanks again for all your work, i know youre taking up your time to do this for me and others, i just think its great work Grin
how i hate toshiba.
that model number is not listed at tosh oz.

can you please double check it , i can find the following two listed.



both have xp drivers listed at tosh.

your missing the main intel chipset drivers, lan card , wifi card , card reader, modem , and hotkeys.
the device id strings are pointing me all over the place but if i can pin it down by model number it will be a closer match.
Sorry Davey,
This is why I've spent the last year using vista, tried this before, and it was a mega pain, couldnt find anything on my specific model, was like it was only one made...
I know that that model number is correct, looking at sticker now.. ???
Ill type it all out for you maybe that might be more help. or take a photo of it?


Serial No.

I have already downloaded every driver for the P100 PSPAEA as I was convinced it should be this model for some reason... ( someone may have told me when i first tried this ) The NVIDIA driver installs cant update, The sound installs have to force it,
Thanks for your time
Should I download all the drivers for the other tosh and see how they go???

I havent been using the xp partition and wont be until ive got everything sorted, that laptop is my work, play and life.

Well off to work...
Looking on Toshibas Site I Noticed under just satellite not satellite pro there is a P100 (PSPAGA)...
Maybe this is where I should be looking?

Will download all drivers from all three the pro's and the pspaga one, will await what you think though,
you're the driver guru :p
no what you can do as i am almost 100% sure its using a intel chipset is this.
download everest trial ed.

install and run that program then follow what i am going to tell you.

with everest running

look in the left hand list for motherboard click the + next to it then click chipset.
note down what chipset is being used.
again look in the left hand list for network click the little + next to it then click pnp/pci network
you may see two listed one will be the main lan the other wifi.
if your lucky everest will even name your modem as well.
let me know what it tells you and i will see what i can find.

if one of those models at tosh did not help i don't think the other will as what i could tell from the downloads they were almost the same model.
best to see what everest can name direct from that laptop in order to find the drivers.

now i am just about to install windows 7 for the very first time wish me luck Grin
Windows 7 hey... let me know how it goes :)

Will download everest and see what I can come up with will be at work for anothers 7 or so hours, will post tonight with everest report...
Thank You for all your work again :)
oh, and good luck with Windows 7 too hehe, Hopefully its not a pile of dog doo like vista...
first impressions of windows 7 Poo :compu2:

its vista , i got it to load vista drivers for christ sake.
lets see how long it take me to crash it, anything like vista not long.

hum wonder if my work rounds for scanners still work Thinking
will have to try that idea out Grin

oh the joy of beta testing , crashing , swearing , writing two tons of reports back to microsoft.
... hmm i kind of knew itd be another vista orientated OS...
ahh well you put me off testing it hehehe
( although i know i could get it running if its vista drivers.. ffs)
Oh Well, Back to the drawing board Microsoft...
Trawling over the net researching windows 7 , it seems many people are very excited that theres a new os, unfortunatly,
they have not been stress testing..

Admittedly I was excited too..
Back from work,

I used a copy of Everest Engineer Edition Portable 4.6 as I'd already downloaded it incase I ever needed it, hehehe ;)

So I have here

PCI\PnP Intel Pro/1000 PL Network Connection
Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG Network Adapter

Chipset Intel Callistoga i945GM/GMS/GT/GU/PM

I also made a hardware report which I will post next
umm.. its quite large, any other way I can send it to you??
ok chipset is covered by the intel " 4 " series INF file.

intel pro/1000pl network

intel wifi
Thanks for all your help will download install and get back to you soon

hows windows 7 treating you now?
I crashed it :loll:
its now unbootable, have to reinstall it.
was doing some work rounds ready for when people ask.

did not like one i was doing so it crashed Eek

firewall is less of a pain i admit that and it does see all 4 gig of memory under 32bit now,
beats the hell out me me why they are still doing 32bit, with all new cpu's being dual core it would make more sense to carry on with windows xp for 32bit and drop it from vista and windows 7.

but there you go thats micrsoft for you , get every penny they can.
i am going to load it on a very old machine to meet the min spec and see what happens, i bet its going to be as slow as hell.
A little off topic but is it possible to create your own install of xp with the drivers u need per laptop?
it is yes.

thats the full microsoft way.
Thanks Davey,
You've been so much more than helpful, A GODSEND FOR THOSE WHO DONT KNOW DRIVERS :)
Is it illegal to post a winxp iso with the drivers for my laptop on the net for others ( as long as I leave serial number for other users to put in themselves? )
yes it is illegal to post your product key however , you can post a iso of windows + drivers and let others use their own product key.
there is a loop hole in the law, when you buy windows your not buying the disk its self your paying for that product key number.

as long as you don't share your product key your not breaking the law.
thats why i will not support any sort of questions asking for any sort of product keys, i like my site way to much to get in to that sort of thing.
Understood, I knew the serial number posting was illegal was wondering if just the iso was aswell,

OKAY!!! so I'm a few steps closer to being out of your hair,

Unknown Devices:
Ethernet Controller
Mass Storage Controller
Modem on High Def Audio Bus

Still unable to update NVIDIA drivers,

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