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Printer workshop (repair or service) manual

I am in dire need of a service manual for an HP1100d business inkjet printer.

Hp do not keep them anymore so is there a site where they can be located, please?

Or does anyone have one they could e-mail to me?
I can't read the hp site at the moment , its just plan unreadable on this screen but i will take a look later for you.
dam windows 7 , can just about read anything on this older system.
testing is one thing but this is a joke, can't even get a intel 865 chipset to run its video.

oh the joys of beta testing, i will work out a workround for this or i will go blind trying.
did you look at the user guide on hp website?

that will tell you about the faults listed by the light fault codes e.t.c
detailed strip and repair is not listed at hp at all.
i found one pdf file on the net for the 1100A but thats a laserjet so its not of any help to you.
i will keep looking but if hp class this printer as old they won't support it with a service manual.
I have the user manual.

It's a service or repair manual I am looking for.
Got the 1220C and 1700 Deskjet Service Manuals if you want to have a look at them. I know it isn't close to the 1100 but their may be some similarities. Just remembered someone who may have it. Post back if you still need it and I will contact them. It may take a week or so to get it as he is in a worse condition than I am.
Hi Biggles,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I still would like to get hold of an HP1100 service manual.

If you can locate one I would be very grateful.

Ok, I will see if my friend has a copy.

Hi Biggles,

I just wondered if you had any luck with that HP1100 workshop manual?
Sorry but my friend is very ill at the moment....moment is not correct. He is like another collegue and is contantly ill. How are you Dave?

I will keep looking for it and I have a site that I visit often puts printer service manuals on it. I actually have a link to this thread sitting on my desktop so I don't forget you. Shame it wasn't one of about 120 other print manuals.

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