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hi davey, my wife's pc has a prob. after installing pc games, they started to play..then it turns off...after that..the hd is not recognized. they brought it to pc shop for repair and it turns out that the prob is not hd. sata wire/pin from the motherboard..and now, they are using ide. dave, may i know what cause that prob? is it heat? they are in the philippines and it is hot in there. unlike here in japan, still freezing from the snow.
snow whats that Thinking, oh you mean that white suff i never see anymore :loll:

sorry i don't fully understand your question but i will take a stab at what i think it means.

if the bios no longer reads the drive it is possible that the bios screwed up on the shut down and got stuck in a loop.
a sata socket on the motherboard should not burn out. it has no voltage to speak of
even if the sata cable is loose in its socket it should still not burn the pins out.

sata sockets on the motherboard normaly come in pairs so if one buggers up you still have another to try.

I can't say 100% for sure without looking at the motherboard myself but i would tend to think the bios set up is now wrong due to the forced power down and the sata is not being picked up at boot stage.
a simple bios load defaults and check over the settings will confirm that.
with regards to on this wife said, the computer technician already double checked the settings but everything is ok... he also checked the sata sockets by testing the new sata cable. unfortunately, hd still not functioning...and by testing using ide cable...prob had been solved. so they swap a new hd (ide) to the old hd(sata) with a little additional charges. even some technicians on the pc shop do believe that it should be a settings only. however, the shops decided to changed the unit by charging my wife a little additional expenses were my wife agreed.
I have had the SATA Controller fail in the past. IDE still works but SATA ist kaput. New motherboard fixed the problem.
its not thats common but ide, sata, and even pci ports can go back on a motherboard.
i had one once that only had one working pci slot out of four.

like biggles reason bad motherboard.

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